Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the Blingiful


The only thing that would interrupt me from my Obama Victory Party (by which I mean eating peanut butter straight out of the jar and crying with joy and relief and probably the extra dose of hormones in my new birth control pills - I mean WHY can they not make low-dose pills in the UK?! Come on people! - while watching his victory speech online) is this miraculous news that you have seen the light! Well, either that or you have been blinded by the rays emanating from your mumsy's fake diamond ring. Either way, this is tres exciting.

So do tell! What does your mom's ring look like? Do you like it or do you want a different style? Are you sure you want moissanite (which, honey, you really can't call "moissanite diamond"...unless you insert "fake" between the two words, dear) or perhaps does a wee part of your hot Asian self want The Doctor to splurge on a real diamond? Surely he can find a way to splurge now that you are seeing a financial advisor/therapist.

Though I must caution you, Sue. Make sure this is just not a whim! Don't get my hopes up that you will soon be sporting a blingalicious domestic partnership ring only to dash them and decide to wear that ring you liked that looks like a gift my 6th grade boyfriend gave me.

Not that this is about me.

But before you ask, YES, I am still sans Ring of Dreams. However! It's now November which can mean only one thing (to moi, anyway): bonus season is almost just around the corner! Which means my Ring of Dreams draws ever closer to becoming a Ring of Reality... 

Though I must say, I find it interesting that many of the married girls in my program are sporting neither diamond engagement rings nor diamond wedding bands. Kind of horrible, I know. But apparently diamond engagement rings are not the worldwide obsession I so naively and Americanly assumed they were.

But before The Lawyer should breathe a sigh of relief, let me confirm the fact that I cannot WAIT to blow my classmates away with the gorgeosity of my Ring of Dreams.

Not that this is about me.

So we need more details, stat!

And ladies out there, I second Sue's motion - post pics of your rings and link to us! Or send us pics of your rings and we'll post them! Sue needs our input ASAP!


DomestiGal Jen


Kyla Bea said...

I’ll send you guys ring pics stat!

Mister and I talked about it and decided to go vintage. We had his grandmothers set that’s a 1920’s art deco .75 carat, and the old fashioned style of it really appealed to me more than the somewhat sterile designs I’ve seen a lot of these days.

Had we not had access to that ring we would have bought vintage, hands down. If you’re concerned with stone size you can usually get something bigger for less, not just because it’s vintage, but because their cutting methods weren’t as precise so they didn’t cut away so much of the stones.

I love my art deco ring unabashedly.

jayemm said...

heres a pic of my baby!!

Caz said...

I don't have one... but I WANT one. Really really badly. I want a sparkly, blingy one...

Then again I KNOW I am not ready to be engaged, planning a wedding or getting married. I just want to have that sparkly bling on my finger.

So I'll just resign myself to wanting for a few more years until I'm ready for the rest of it, not just the bling...

DomestiGals said...

Kyla darling, I love art deco too! In fact the Ring of Dreams - while new, not vintage - has a decidedly art deco look to her. Sigh... must see pics!

Ok, WOWEEKOZOWEE Jayemm! That ring is SPECTACULAR. When are you getting married? And who is the wonderful guy who has such fantastic taste in jewelry???

Caz, I hear ya. And believe me, when you are ready for the rest of it, it will make wearing the ring that much more enjoyable. At least I think it will... I have a temporary ring on my ring finger right now and even that feels pretty darn good!