Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Just Pretend They're Diamond Rings...

Sue my darling,

First of all? Did you HAVE to tell the blogosphere about the three entrees? Not that I'm ashamed, because we are looking hot (if I do say so myself, but thank you for the confirmation), and we only make it to that brunch spot like twice a year now when we used to go every weekend so it's important to get to eat all of our favorite things on the menu... anyway. I'm over it. And I hope you enjoyed your mimosa and two glasses of wine, by the way.

Anyway, it's like 7:00AM here. I've been up since 6. The Lawyer was up here this weekend and had to catch his train this morning. Trying not to be too sad/cranky/whiny about this whole long-distance thing, but it SUCKS. What's worse is that I have a class called "Business Modelling" at 9 - and no, it's not about how to look hot in the office, but about how to use Excel to do weird stuff that I don't understand in the first place - and I have lots of homework to do. So thank you, Sue, for giving me an excuse to procrastinate... by looking at (fake) diamond rings!

Let me say that I totally approve of your choices. Is Diamond Nexus Labs fun to browse or what?! Even though I'm afraid you are going to wake up any day now and snap our of your blingtastic reverie, let me just add a couple more rings to the mix. 

First, I was delighted to find Fanfare.

This ring actually fairly closely resembles the Ring of Dreams! (Though the Ring of Dreams is a little more svelte, but nevertheless similarly art deco-inspired. And made with real diamonds. Are you reading, Lawyer? I said REAL DIAMONDS.) Anyway, this may be a little too heavy for your dainty Asian fingers but I had to feature it here.

Next, we have Adelaide. 

Mostly just because I couldn't resist taking your new-found love for bling that much farther. Is this ring gorge or what?! The thin band would look beautiful on you, and the sparkle factor is just perfecto I think.

Of your choices, Sue, I would definitely go for Gwynie.

She actually looks a lot like the Tiffany Novo, also known as the Ex-Ring of Dreams (as my Midwestern Caucasian/German Ancestral fingers are too big for such dainty perfection).

Can't wait to hear your further thoughts!

By the way, you do realize that these rings ooze "Wife," not "Domestic Partner," right? I mean. Just saying...

Ok, off to hit the books.



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Anne said...

Wow! I love your ring photos! This is such a great resource!

Great site...thanks for all the info.

- Anne