Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DomestiGals and Body Fat

Oops. First of all, when I wrote the subject title I had, "DomestiGals and Body Fart."

Not exactly what our community would really want to hear, I'm sure. That said, I know you're all just dying to hear about our body fat percentages!

Which brings me to my big question for Jen: Now that you're nerding-away in MBA la-la land, is your butt getting bigger?

I mean, I know anytime I've been in school, my butt has definitely expanded.

Jen, are you still going to be seeing Colossus? Tell me more about Bridal Boot Camp rather than Math Boot Camp! Will he still be threatening to take your body fat percentage by pinching the fat AROUND YOUR KNEE? (Isn't he aware that your wedding-dress-of-dreams won't be showing your knees?)

Photo via NYMag.

I have a feeling Colossus thinks your wedding-dress-of-dreams is supposed to look like this:

Photo Courtesy: www.herhighnessness.com

BTW, this seems insane, no? I remember getting body fat percentages done in my high school health class, and my 99 year old teacher squeezing my triceps while encouraging us to draw pictures of testicles. (I'm not joking, we had to draw pictures of testicles. I was so embarrassed, as I had never seen real, live testicles before! But that's another story...)

Back in high school, my body fat percentage was around 24%, which is insane, since I was in a ballet company. I think it was just because we weren't doing any strength training. Now that I've got my butt-busting-DomestiGal workout to adhere to, my doctor told me last year I'm down to 17%. I'd applaud, except I watched some cheerleader MTV special the other day (reason #10 why I don't have a TV) where all these girls were getting screamed at for having body fat measurements of 13%.

Obviously I watched this episode with an overflowing bowl of buttered popcorn and beer.

Anyway, for some reason I feel like knee-fat-squeezing borders on being inhumane. Aside from all this, I'm just mad at Colossus for making me even more neurotic and checking every-other-glass-of-wine to see if the fat around my hefty-Asian-cankles has since expanded.


DomestiGal Sue

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridal Boot Camp Versus Math Boot Camp

To Sue and all my spoonin' ladies,

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! How inconsiderate of all of you to be discussing sleeping positions just when I am having to learn to sleep alone for half the week when I'm up here at school. WAH!!! Boo. Hiss.

Ok, now that I got my whining out of the way, I will say that my non-solo sleeping time usually consists of cuddling before falling asleep, and then cuddling (usually spooning, but there are a few variations) again upon stirring in the morning before the alarm goes off. Which is so lovely. Sigh.

And now I'm sad again. Boo!

But I promise not to spend the next year of my life blogging about how tres trag it is to be apart from The Lawyer. Especially when every other aspect of grad school, thus far, is great! I am having a blast, even if all the schmoozing and boozing has been beyond exhausting.

What have I been up to, you might ask? Well, these first two weeks are basically like our orientation. There have been introductory sessions covering everything from using our new email addresses to library services to careers to the alumni network. Thrilling stuff, right? Yeah, maybe not to y'all.

But what has been thrilling is Math Boot Camp! Since I hadn't done math in about a decade and had never used Excel to do anything beyond tracking wedding expenses, I signed up for all the sessions. And let me tell you, they're a blast! I never knew Excel was such a genius of a program! Sums and formulas and functions and data and charts and...

Uy. Do I sound convinced yet? Because I am trying to convince myself that attending Math Boot Camp is just as cool as Bridal Boot Camp... and yet, alas, no. Because really? When will I ever need to use Excel to do anything but track our wedding budget? Sigh. What I would give to be getting my butt kicked by Colossus rather than creating a scatter graph from a data table.

I miss my Domestic Goddessness. Just hoping the Domestic Boddess doesn't start to fade away as well... MUST. BE. A. HOT. BRIDE!

Off to Math Boot Camp,


Friday, September 26, 2008

To Spoon or Fork?

Alas. I know all of you are just dying – dying! – to know that after 2 years of domestic-partnership bliss, the doctor and I still spoon.

And not just for a few minutes before he or I do the “Squeeze and Roll” method that Ross made famous in that excellent episode of Friends. Oh no! I mean, we spoon the entire night.

What’s absolutely terrific is that we really have it down to a science. I lay on my right side with my two pillows in a perfect L shape. (One for my head, and the other one for me to squeeze). Then, The Doctor wraps his arm around me so that we’re holding left hands. Sometime in the middle of the night, I rollover and squeeze his nose, which signals him to turn so that I can begin to spoon him.

Truly all of you in DomestiGal land just needed to know that.

And now I need to know how all of you sleep with your partners. Specifically – PJs or no PJs?

After all my highly enlightening blog postings, I’m sure you can guess what my answer is.

Sadly, my darling Jen, I don't even know how to respond to your questions regarding my sister's new Tiffany's engagement ring! I just asked The Doctor, and he says he thinks it's a Classic Tiffany's engagement ring. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any side stones, so that makes it a solitaire -- and -- (I'm looking at the Tiffany's site now) not the Round-Brilliant. In terms of karats... uh, I have no idea. The other day, I asked my friend Lynn how many karats her diamond ring is, and she had no idea either.

Clearly we're not the typical Sex and the City Girls that Manhattan claims to have.


Still Spoonin’ Sue

Thursday, September 25, 2008

DomestiGals Welcome Fit Bottomed Girls!

We would like to give the warmest of DomestiGal welcomes to our first guest writers, Jenn and Erin from Fit Bottomed Girls. They had us at "Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk," but we were delighted to find that their blog is chock full of fantastic and motivational fitness info.

The Fit Bottomed Girls are two regular girls who don't take anything too seriously—including fitness. While Erin has years of workout experience and is well versed in fitness news and trends, Jenn has several fitness credentials including being certified as a personal trainer, a lifestyle and weight management consultant, and a group exercise instructor, but they pride themselves on not being insane workout-aholics. With the slogan of “Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk,” the FBGs have fun incorporating workouts into their daily lives and hope to inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle and a positive attitude. Their blog, www.fitbottomedgirls.com, features fun fitness tips, news, and reviews of exercise DVDs, healthy foods, workout clothes and health-related literature. Jenn and Erin also remind their readers often that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes!

This is not DomestiGal Jen. Yet. But it might be, once the FBGs are done with her!

Fit for a Bride

As two married girls ourselves, the Fit Bottomed Girls know what it's like to plan a wedding. We know how many hours you spend making decisions, writing vows, designing invitations, fighting with your beloved about the stupid stamps not matching the envelopes because they have a white background and not a cream-colored background...sorry, flashback. Regardless, planning a wedding takes A LOT of time and energy. And despite the fact that what you really feel like doing after a long evening bridesmaid dress shopping is collapsing on the couch, watch The Hills and sip a strong vodka tonic, it's important that you take time for yourself in a healthy way. Plus, every girl wants to look her best in her gown. Therefore, we have created a 42-minute workout playlist, just for you brides to be. You can do the workout on your favorite type of cardio machine or hit the streets for a power walk or run. It's fun, upbeat and silly in parts. And, heck if you're single, have a domestic partner or are already married, check it out anyway. The songs are fun enough no matter your relationship status!


(2:38) Love and Marriage, Frank Sinatra: Try not to think of the TV show Married With Children on this one. Instead, focus on Ol' Blue Eyes as you warm up, beginning your workout at an easy pace. 

Work it, bride to be

(2:50) Going to the Chapel, The Dixie Cups: There's no way this one wasn't making the list. It's the first song that came to mind when the Domestigals asked us to create a wedding-themed playlist. It's a quickie though, so use the full time to pick up your pace. By the last 30 seconds you should be at a moderate pace where you can still carry a conversation, but you're still strolling way faster than you will for the walk down the aisle.

(4:36) My Love, JT: Imagine JT singing to you about your honeymoon for this one. Shhh...No need to tell anyone that your mental honeymoon is with JT. For this song, amidst daydreaming, continue to pick your pace up. By minute four of the song, you should be at a hard intensity. Not a sprint, but you shouldn't be able to chat.

(3:28) Love Song, The Cure: Slow your pace back on down to moderate. Catch your breath and remember how awesome The Cure is. And still are. Just a like dream. Just like a dream.

(3:51) Ready to Run, The Dixie Chicks: Yea, so this one isn't really "I can't wait to start my life together" material, but the video makes me think of weddings and it involves a healthy activity: running. So, we're gonna squeeze it in as an interval. One minute sprint, one minute recover, repeat, and you're good. 

(4:09) Let's Get Married, Jagged Edge: Forgotten about this one? Oh, it's a goodie. Let the smooth R&B sounds slow you down to a moderate then low pace. Enjoy the groove.

(3:55) Heaven, DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do: The original Bryan Adams' version is good, but this one is fantastic for working out. And getting married and finding "the one," is like heaven, right? Pick your speed back up to a moderate pace for a minute. Then sprint hard for 30 seconds. Do it three times (you'll end with a sprint).

(4:25) Luxurious, Gwen Stefani: Gwen says it all: "You're my Mr., and I'm your Miss. It's pure perfection when we touch." Wheee, right? Oh, I remember those days...again, digressing. My bad. For this song, just maintain your steady, moderate pace. This isn't a recovery song though, so don't slow too much. 

(5:12) The Adventure, Angels and Airwaves: Because this song is a full five minutes long, we're going to break it up a bit. Sprint the first 45 seconds. Then recover for one minute. Next, use the remainder of the song to stay at a moderate pace. Feel free to use this time to imagine your "adventure" coming up. And, believe me, it's an adventure at times.

(4:52) Time of My Life, The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes: This isn't about marriage, but the playlist just seems like it's missing something without it. (I would know because I put it in, deleted it, put it back in, deleted it again and then added it back.) Channel your inner Baby and feel free to sing along. For this final push, pick up your pace for the entire song, ending the last minute in a sprint. You can do it; it's the time of your life! 

Cool Down 

(2:33) Best is Yet to Come, Tony Bennett: Cool it on down as Tony Bennett croons. Maintain a slow pace and do a few stretches. You're good. You made it. And, yes, the best is yet to come!


Phew! We're feelin' the burn already! Thank you, Fit Bottomed Girls

For more playlists and workout music reviews from the FBGs, click here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Engagement Ring Deets, Please!

Um. HELLO, Sue! "Some round ring from Tiffany's"?!!?!

I need DETAILS, STAT! What engagement ring design is it? Is it the classic round brilliant solitaire or one of their other designs? Are there side stones? Are they baguettes, round, or square?

What's the carat weight? Color? Cut? Clarity? Give me the 4 C's, baby!

Yeah, you have no idea what the 4 C's are, do you. Ask The Engineer. Hopefully he did some research before purchasing your sister's Ring of Dreams.

So now that your youngest sis is getting hitched, do you think that will take the pressure off you for awhile? Or will your Asian mummy still be pressuring you to pop out a wee JewAsian sometime soon?

Cannot wait to hear more.

All is well here in MBA-land, though I can already feel the booze re-establishing the beer belly I just worked my arse off for four months to shed. Sigh. Colossus is not going to be happy with me. Especially considering the stellar quality of my last workout with him.

And worse? I just worked out for the first time in the university gym - like, the one and only official university gym - and, like, this is a world-class university of 12,000 students, you know - and let me tell you, that place was spanky! Spanky, dank, smelly, and stinky. Ugh. I don't know how I am going to be a hot bride in a year when my local workout facility has all the charm of a gas station bathroom. 

I am in need of some MAYJAH motivation. And luckily, the Fit Bottomed Girls have arrived just in time! Stay tuned... they'll be with us tomorrow!

(Probably sooner than the details of your sister's new engagement ring, eh? But seriously, give an unengaged-bride-to-be a little blingtastic gossip, will ya?)

DomestiGal Jen

Jen: Domestic Goddess or Domestic Bod-dess?


So now that I am a lame-o graduate student, my twice-weekly workouts with Colossus have now been cut in half. Sadly, I will only see him on weekends now - the only thing that's (way) worse is only seeing The Lawyer on weekends too but DO NOT even get me started on that one.

Anyway, I am a little worried that graduate school will stifle my progress with my Colossal Butt-Kickings. But for now, at least, I am still Colossus' star pupil. In fact, in our last session, Colossus told me (seriously) that if I wanted to, I could be a professional bodybuilder. 

Ok now stop laughing.

"Google Jennifer Nicole Lee," he said. "If you put yourself to it, you could be like her."

So DomestiGal Jen Googled this Jennifer. And here is what I found.

Photobucket Image Hosting
Photo: http://hollywoodfitnessmodels.blogspot.com

Um, I'm sorry, WHAT?! Also: I promise she's a fitness guru, not a porn star.

Yes, this is the woman Colossus claims I can be:

Photobucket Image Hosting
Photo: http://www.healthylivingnyc.com

Hell YEAH!

Um, except I will never look like that. For the following reasons:

A) I'm a graduate student, so there is beer. 

B) Be it banned or not, I am a Nutellaholic and always will be.

C) I would rather have The Lawyer invest in my Ring of Dreams than a Rack of Dreams.

But obv I am totally flattered that Colossus sees such potential (even if he is in for ultimate disappointment). And this woman is actually fairly fabulous and underwent an A to the Mazing transformation to get to where she is. 

Here she is on Oprah - check out the "before" pics and the cute exercises she does with her kiddies:

Pretty rad, eh?

And I will totally be using those fitness moves when I have babies. Yipee! Babies!


Jennifer the Domestic Bod-dess

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Make-up Madness and Weddings

Dear Jen,

I miss you! And I had first-day-of-school flutters for you yesterday with hopes you'd make lots of friends. Of course you'll have to keep us up to date on all the new BFFs you make. Also, will your MBA program be like an episode of Gossip Girl? One can only hope.

Okay, so back to me.

Actually, back to my sister. My youngest sister just got engaged in Paris! She has been with her boyfriend, The Engineer, for six years and I'm so happy for them! She got some round ring (ahem, clearly not the technical word, but, as you know, that's the extent of my knowledge) from Tiffany's. He proposed in front of a fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens, as it's one of their favorites from when they both lived in France. Anyway, they're off to Italy next to celebrate and get fat eating insane amounts of pasta.

I know my parents are freaking out that they have one *normal* daughter who does the whole proposal-engagement-marriage thing.

So on to the topic at hand.

There was this disturbing -- but most excellent -- article in the paper a couple of weeks ago that talked about toxins in cosmetics. I immediately went home and threw out half my make-up collection (okay, so this means I threw out 3 things), because I was so disturbed.

Here's the list of synthetic ingredients known to cause illness (including pimples, ladies!!) according to Organic Diva:

Methyl, propyl, butyl
Ethyl paraban
Imidazolindyl urea
Propylene glycol
PVP/V copolymer
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Stearalkonium chloride
Synthetic colors
Synthetic fragrance


Finally, I'm surprised that talc wasn't on the list, but lately when I've walked into my local CVS or Walgreens, several brands are saying "Talc-free" as talc in make-up could cause specific forms of cancer according to a 4/2008 article by Dr. Kristie Leong, M.D.

Anyway, this means that I have been on a mission. Excuse me, it's more like a MISSION.

I was really irritated, because several brands that call themselves organic still had some of these crazy no-good ingredients in them -- including talc!

However, I recently purchased Jane Iredale make-up, specifically PurePressed Base in Golden Glow (perfect for skin with yellow undertones). It cost a lot more than I usually pay -- it was $50, but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. It's non-comedogenic, so it won't block pores and exacerbate acne and cystic pimples, plus, it looks really natural. I guess my only complaint is that I'm not sure it's good for oily skin, or just DomestiGals who are profuse sweaters like I am!

What do ya'll think about mineral make-up? I know it's all the rage now, but I've heard it makes oilier skin look even oilier within a couple of hours?

Any Make-Up Must Haves from ladies who had flawless skin for their Wedding Day?

Jen, what do you currently use on your face?


DomestiGal Sue who will soon have The Engineer as her brother-in-law!

Monday, September 22, 2008

DomestiGrad Student Jen Starts School

First things first. Gals, thank you for your feedback regarding my first day of school outfit!

The winning outfit is...


Look out Blair Waldorf, Queen J is in town!

Thanks to you, I will be feeling fierce and fabulous as I enter these doors... 


... of my new business school this morning.

(Yeah, don't even get me started on the wacko color scheme.)

Ack! I'm so nervous! But I know this will be a great step for me, even if it means adding "DomestiGrad Student" to my title. Sigh. Move on over, Domestic Goddess. There's a new nerd in town.

Now that I'm abandoning my Domestic Goddessness! Nope! I cherish my Dyson too much to consider myself anything less than a DomestiGrad-Goddess hybrid. But I will miss my leisurely days of Domestic Goddessness. They already feel very far away.

What will I miss most? Thank you for asking, ladies. Let me list the ways...

1. Rotating among my warm-ups, pjs, sweats, and workout clothes. While I am ready to dress a little more formally, I will sorely miss oozing fabulosity in my Lululemon ensembles all day long.

2. Twice-weekly workouts with Colossus. More on this soon (see my post-script below)... but I will now only be seeing Colossus once a week. My butt might be grateful, but the rest of me aches with sadness (and lack of soreness).

3. Leisurely, wine-filled lunches with my newly engaged fellow lady of leisure. These lunches were my biggest indulgence these past months... and were totally, completely fabulous. I will miss them dearly. Not that I won't be drinking in the middle of the day during my MBA. But it just won't be the same.

4. Awaiting The Lawyer's return from work every night. I know this is super-cheesy and rather un-feminist of me, but the best part of each Domestic Goddess day was the return of The Lawyer from work. After all this time, and all we've been through, the sound of his key in the door still gives me butterflies.

5. Keeping up with all my Gals in the blogosphere. Rest assured, ladies, I will continue to post here all the time. And I will keep up with your blogs as best I can. There are so many amazing writers out there, and blogs chock full of inspiration for my wedding and my life - I will miss checking in every day. But I will still be around! I promise!

Ok, off to school I go. Holy crap.


DomestiGrad Jen

P.S. As mentioned above I had an AMAZING last pre-MBA workout with Colossus the other day. Will be posting about it soon. Stay tuned... you do NOT want to miss this post, trust me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

DomestiGals Heart... Twitter!

Photobucket Dearest DomestiGals,

Sue and I could not resist giving a shout-out today to one of our favorite things on the interwebs: the newly revamped and fancified yet still lovable Twitter.

Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

Here's why we love it:

Receiving an email that said, "Barack Obama is now following you on Twitter" was perhaps the highlight of our summer.

The immediacy and sheer enjoyability of micro-blogging: addictive or a little bit ridiculous? Yes. Heh. But is that a bad thing?

Jen can follow her beloved Chicago Cubs from across the pond via post-game tweets. Go Cubbies!

Yeah, it may be a little stalker-tastic, but reading half a day's worth of tweets still takes less time than analyzing the changes to your ex's Facebook page. Not that we've done that. Nope, not us!

We know we sound like huge nerds, but we love the simple, cute design and customizability. And how adorable is that Fail Whale? Jen would like a plush version for snuggling on nights when she's at school and sans Lawyer.

Why do YOU love Twitter? And what's your Twitter name? Leave a comment and let us know!


Sue and Jen

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Music and The First Dance!

Um, hello. Obviously the wrap dress. This way it'll show off your perky girls, which I'm sure are much perkier now that you've been doing chest presses with Colossus.

Okay, I know I already Twittered and (Tweeted?) about this, but have you all seen the website Songza? You can create playlists, share them with fellow DomestiGals, and then watch the music videos at the same time. This deserves a big A to the Mazing.

Which brings us to a very important topic: Wedding Music!

The Doctor and I love the song by Band of Horses called "No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do..." Actually, the song is really "No One Will Ever Love You.." but I like to finish the sentence, so that I don't look like a complete freak.

Sometimes we'll put it on and dance around to it in our living room. Maybe they'll let me play it one day when I walk down City Hall? (Hey, eventually I'll have to upgrade from our Post Office/Bank Domestic Partnership Ceremony to something a bit more special.)

Jen, will you and your someday-soon-fiance be serenading each other at your Wedding of Dreams?

If you'd like to make it The Ultimate Wedding of Nightmares, I'd be happy to play the guitar and sing to you both. I'll be taking up guitar lessons again for the tenth time, so what better place to practice but at your wedding? It'll make it special for both of us!

Not that your day is about me.

I mean, I only set you up with The Most Amazing Man Ever, but, you know, whatever.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jen's First Day: Pick Her Outfit! Please!

Ok ladies. I am sending my DomestiGal beacon out into the sky (I imagine this to be like Batman's bat signal, only in the shape of a huge diamond engagement ring. Obv.).

I need your help!

I started packing for school yesterday (SAD! I KNOW! ACK!) and I am at a total loss. I cannot figure out what to wear for my first day. THE most important day. I will be meeting all my new classmates and professors, and we are having our class portrait taken (which I really think is cruel to do on the very first day, but I digress). So last night The Lawyer and I had a photo session with the four finalist outfits, and I present them here.

Please please please help me choose! Based on your votes, I will let you know the winning outfit on Monday!

Without further ado, here they are (and yes, this is really me, standing in our "Grecian Spa"-colored bedroom, with my new uni's coat of arms hanging on my closet door - I feel so exposed! But I am also thrilled with how adept I am becoming with Microsoft Paint.):

OUTFIT #1: The black pinstripe power suit with red lining (a good Feng Shui color, Sue!). 
I know it's hard to see due to my ailing 5-year-old camera, but please note the patent leather heels. They may get me to wear a suit for the first time in 8 months, but I shall not abandon the fabulous!

OUTFIT #2: The understated but cute brown suit with dark purple shell.
Again, hard to see here and not quite as fab as the suit above but comfy and reliable. And it fits me way better since I've been working out with Colossus!

OUTFIT #3: The simple black dress with my Blair Waldorf jacket.
Seriously, doesn't that jacket look like something Blair would wear? It's preptastic! Also note the pointy-toe power pumps.

OUTFIT #4: The pseudo-wrap brown dress.
This dress has been a professional go-to for a few years. I'd spruce it up with accessories. Obv.

Ok, ladies! Leave your votes in the comments section!

And thank you for your fabulous guidance.

Big love,

DomestiGal Jen

Eureka! An Orange Wedding Dress!

Ok quick post here because I cannot resist.

Sue! Look what I saw while trolling the interwebs for wedding deliciousness this morning!

Photo from Waterlily Pond

One of my favorite bridal bloggers, the fantabulous Kathryn from snippet & ink, is guest-blogging over at {ritzy bee blog} this week, counting down her top ten fall wedding favorites. I have been drooling over each and every entry and Kathryn's accompanying inspiration boards (I mean is she or is she not the queen of inspiration boards? Sue, I know you have no idea what I'm talking about but our ladies in the 'osphere surely will!) but her post about non-white wedding dresses is to die for.

Not that I would necessarily have the guts to wear an orange wedding dress. And I don't think The Lawyer would necessarily dig it, nor would my mom's wallet be particularly keen on purchasing it... but WOW. Just knowing a dress like this exists has made my day.


DomestiGal Jen

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feng Shui Wedding

I know, I know.

Sometimes, I get a little too Asian on you when it comes to certain things (though I know you love it when I tell stories of my darling Asian mummy!)

But, listen up. Recently, The Doctor and I have started to Feng Shui our house (hello, we're not going to have a wedding, so we may as well Feng Shui our 5th floor Manhattan walk-up).

Anyway, thanks to my friend Joya, the creator of this hilarious Anti-Constipation Weight Loss book called The Shitter's Guide, we have totally made some simple changes to our house. I think you and The Lawyer can do this to your house, you can do this in your new dorm room (oh, Jen, how I cringe thinking of you living in a dorm room again!) and, finally, at your wedding.

So, here's what happened. As you know, The Doctor and I have been seeing a Financial Advisor, whom I've been referring to as The Savior. If you take a look at the Feng Shui chart, above, you'll see that Wealth is governed in the upper left corner of the house and room (when you walk into the room from the main entrance, the upper left corner is furthest away from you, and, duh, on the left). Well, apparently our "Wealth" corner is where our bathroom is!

Of course, we can't just start picking up our toilet and moving it around.

Joya, our Feng Shui expert, pointed out that all our money was -- in a matter of speaking -- running down the bathtub drain, the bathroom sink, and the toilet! Now we keep the toilet seat closed (thank Buddha, as The Doctor has needed more of an incentive to remember to keep the lid down), have a jade plant in the bathroom, and keep all drains plugged unless they're being used.

Secondly, our Relationship corner (upper right hand corner of the house and the room) is right where our bedroom is! Absolutely perfect! We just had to adjust the mirror, add a water element, and add more flashes of red to the room.

So my point is that I think you can add some elements of feng shui to your wedding, because -- guess what! -- you've already started to! Basic elements of a Feng Shui wedding are to choose auspicious dates that end in a 8 or 9. I believe your wedding date is set for the 19th (not that you're even engaged, but anyway...), so this is excellent. Apparently a wedding date with the number ending in 9 signifies eternal love and brings completion.

Take a look at lucky color combinations according to Feng Shui Wedding Expert, Kathryn Weber:

What do certain color combinations mean?

Reds and gold (ochre)/yellow/beige: Harmony and prosperity, good luck and happiness

Black and white: male and female, harmony

Green and purples (can be lavenders or light purple): Growth, longevity and wealth

Metal colors: Creativity/children

Yellow and white: Heaven and earth

Green and blue: Growth and wealth

Red and green: Happy luck and success

Black and green: Wealth, growth and longevity

Especially auspicious color combinations:

* gold & purple (great wealth),

* silver & purple (great wealth),

* green & purple (great abundance),

* purple & white, (harmony of yin and yang)

* purple & black (career and financial success)

Sadly, I don't see any mention of orange in here, but let me know what you guys decide!

DomestiGals, have any of you had a mini Feng Shui Wedding? Or, what traditions and fun-set-up ideas have you used at your weddings and around your home?


Superstitious Sue

Monday, September 15, 2008

Calling all DomestiGals! Help, help!

As DomestiGal Jen packs her bags and prepares to lead the life of a Serious Student rather than a Domestic Goddess for a year, Sue is truly panicking!

Thus -- thus! We're in *earnest* need of your help!

As you know, Sue is at a complete loss when it comes to All Things Classy and All Things Wedding Related. Jen will continue to post - she does have a wedding to plan, after all! - but we could use a few extra hands here in DomestiGal land!

Does anyone out there want to serve as an occasional DomestiGal Writer to help ensure that Jen gets A+s in all her MBA classes?

(Frankly, Sue would prefer that Jen spend her time smooching The Lawyer with whom she set her up, but, alas, it cannot be.)

If you'd like to recommend another Blissful Blogger -- or -- if YOU want to do an occasional post for us, please contact us at domestigals{at}gmail{dot}com! If you're Enthusiastically Engaged, Pleasantly Pregnant, Snazzily Single or any other type of DomestiGal, feel free to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Already Lonely... :(
DomestiGal Sue

... and Going Through Mayjah DGal Withdrawal Already,
DomestiGal Jen

Thank You, NY Fashion Week!


I know you know I am quite the fashionista. Need I mention again that my super-fabulous-anniversary-gift bag was carried by Georgina on Gossip Girl? Last week was thus a gleeful one, as I spent (too many) hours a day combing through slideshows from New York Fashion Week. Every NYFW, my friend Sharon and I send each other an album of our faves every day, and at the end of the week we send each other a "Best Of" album. Though frankly this season was such a fugfest that we are also creating "Worst Of" albums to exchange.

But back to the fabulous.

I am thrilled (as thrilled as my mom's bank account is grief-stricken) to announce that I have found all my wedding outfits! In my dreams anyway.


For my rehearsal:
This and all photos in this post via NYMag.com's amazing slide shows. Check 'em out!

Nanette Lepore is a go-to for feminine, figure-flattering dresses. I love how comfy this dress looks. Plus, the straplessness will help me acclimate (I hardly ever go strapless but will for my wedding day!) and I love the flecks of orange.

For my rehearsal dinner:

Yessssss! Thank you, Hervé Léger, for creating an uberhot dress in my wedding color palette! Or at least the palette that is the front-runner for now: orange and pewter. Hot hot hot. Being able to rock a dress like this would make all my Colossal Ass-Handings more than worth it!

My Wedding Dress of Dreams:

Just kidding. Obv. But really, Betsey Johnson? Why? Why do you make a farce of my sacred Fashion Week? I do not understand you, and I am beginning to resent you. Not to mention that your show this season included pirates. I know you're quirky but come ON, lady!

Ok so here is My Wedding Dress of Dreams For Real:

Ah yes, Luca Luca. You are the hotness. The class. The fabulosity. The gorgeosity. I would do very bad things for this dress. 

And finally, for my wedding post-party:
An unconventional choice for me, to be sure, but I love this dress by Derek Lam. It looks super comfy and it sparkles. Perfect to party on after an evening of eating, drinking, and dancing with my new hubby (!!!). Need I say more? 

A girl can dream.

Yours in imagined couture,

Domestic Goddess Jen

Dingbat's Agenda Letterpress Giveaway! HOT!

Oh my gosh. Ladies. You know I would not normally do this, but I cannot resist!

Check out the contest over at The Dingbat's Agenda. They are giving away a FULL WEDDING SUITE of absolutely gorge letterpress stationery! That's a value of $900. For you. Or me. For free!

Sigh. Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

The contest runs until Friday (which happens to be  very special day for me, so I'm hoping for some Dingbat karma...). Entering is easy and fun. Check out contest rules here

And here is what you get:

A Dingbat Press Wedding Suite
Letterpressed Invitation/Reply Suite of 100 (One hundred! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!)

More SPECifically:
2 color, 5x7 or 4x9 letterpressed invitation.
1 color, Return Addressed Outer envelope.
Printed on their thick stock 110# cotton rag paper.
2 color, 3x5 reply card (or thank you).
1 color, Return Addressed Reply Envelope.
Printed on their thick stock 110# cotton rag paper.

Wowee. Now that is what I call Wedding Fabulosity.

Good luck! (But not luck that is better than mine!)



P.S. Here is the link again, just in case: The Dingbat's Agenda: GIVEAWAY 3, A Sweet Suite

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sue's Solid Spandex Workout


I still can't get the image out of my head of Colossus pinching the fat around your knee to measure body fat. I mean, I've seen your knees, and they're lovely. Just lovely.

Honestly, I think I'd rather sit back and drink my martini as you naughtily huff and groan around Colossus. Jen, how I'd love to test the bounce in your marathon-running-bottom now that you have such an even firmer foundation.

Alas, I must admit that my speedy metabolism must come from all the fish and fish oil my dear Asian mummy served me when I was a little whiner. (I think all my now-fat-and-fugly former elementary classmates probably curse the day they ever made fun of my Hello Kitty lunchboxes filled with brown rice, fish and veggies!)

Or, of course, perhaps I just drink too much Folgers. Hmpf.

But, I must admit that my #1 secret (aside from a nice romp in the hay with The Doctor, of course) must be The Abominable Abduction machine.

You see, what I learned in all my health studies classes is that since the butt is the largest muscle in the body, it has the largest overall effect on all the other muscles in the body. So, the sooner you engage your butt, the quicker your metabolism speeds up! Sometimes, when I only have 20 minutes in the gym, I'll just work my butt.

I use the Life Fitness machines at New York Health and Racquet Club in the East Village. (Yes, Jen, I decided to join your former gym just because I missed you so much! I said adieu to both pee-on-the-floor New York Sports Club and heavenly-but-won't-have-money-for-retirement Equinox). My best friend in the world is the ABduction machine. I'm currently butt squeezing 290 pounds (the machine only goes up to 320!), 3 sets of 12 until complete muscular failure.

Sadly, my chiropractor told me that I probably walk so duck-like because my butt is stronger than a bulldog in heat and my former days as a pointe-shoe-wearing ballerina don't help things at all. (Yet another reason I never want to walk down the wedding aisle! I can't tell you how frequently my friends tell me they see me "quacking" down the street from a half mile away.)

After I do the ABduction machine, I then do the Leg Press (90 pounds to 400, depending on the CAM/physics of the machine) until muscular failure as well. Long ago I used to do the Dead Lift, and the most I ever dead lifted was maybe 155 pounds and I think you and The Lawyer are dead lifting Colossus, his partner, and their new baby one-armed no doubt.

(By the way, is this Colossus' newborn baby?)

The other day, I went on a 4 hour hike in Muir Woods, and, unfortunately, I brought the New York heat with me to California. What ever possessed me and Jean-Michel to hike in 80 degree weather is beyond me.

This said, I made sure to squeeze my glutes with every step. You know how most girls were obsessed with "I must, I must, I must increase my bust!"? Well, I'd rather squeeze my buns, as there nothing cute about having cottage cheese in the southern hemisphere of a DomestiGal body.

DomestiGals -- what are your pre-wedding workout routines? Do you run 25 miles per week or do you do the Somersize and hope for the best?


Suzanne Somers wannabe

Friday, September 12, 2008

Butt-Busting Tips from a Blushing Bride-to-Be


I have had a few requests to share how my tuchus is looking so fine these days. And while I cannot give away all of Colossus' secrets, I do have some tips I'd be thrilled to spill into DomestiGal Land.

Granted, you all must take my word for it when I say I'm lookin' hot. But I'd be the first to admit if my efforts with Colossus were not paying off. It would not be worth banning Nutella from my pantry, trust me.

So here is an example of one of my workouts (which takes about an hour):
Elevated lunges (4 sets/8 reps)
Chest presses (4 sets/8 reps)
Lunge jumps (4 sets/30 reps)
Tricep dips (4 sets/15 reps OR 8 reps with weight)
Crunches on the exercise ball (4 sets/15 reps)
Push-ups (4 sets/10 reps)
Tabata squat and press (8 sets/8 reps)

Here in more detail are some of the tuchus-oriented moves:

Elevated lunges - 4 sets of 8 reps per leg, with weights in each hand
I do these with one foot up on a step, like the side of a treadmill. The elevation increases the range of motion. Also, some exercise mags or books tell you that you have to keep your front leg at a 90-degree angle when you lunge down: FALSE. Feel free to bend the leg over your foot - the farther the range of motion the more muscles you will use. Also, remember, don't be afraid to use heavy weights. Women's legs are stronger than men's, so we can handle some major weight with this exercise without developing gladiator legs. The heavier the weights I use, the more toned - not big - my legs look the next day. It is truly a Dyson-caliber miracle!

Step-ups - 4 sets of 8 reps per leg, with weights in each hand; try to work up to 15 reps per leg
These will kick your hiney but in a good way! Substitute them for the lunges in the workout above. Take a weight in each hand. Stand next to a sturdy(!!!) bench. Put one foot up on the bench. Step up with that leg, and bring your other knee up to your chest, then back down to the floor. Repeat 8 times, then move to the other side of the bench and switch legs. These are a total cardio workout too. Bonus!

Lunge jumps - 4 sets of 30 reps (NO weights on this one! They are hard enough as-is!)
Stand with your hands on your hips. Jump into a lunge (one foot forward, one back, kneeling almost to the floor). From that position, as you stand up, jump again - switching legs into another lunge. Colossus makes me do this for at least a minute straight, which is hell. On my own I do 30 reps (Ssshhhh! Don't tell him!).

Squat-thrusts - 4 sets of 30 reps (No weights on this one either!)
The Lawyer and I call these "Froggy Jumps" - start in a downward-dog-like position (for you Domestic Yogis!), with palms on the floor, feet on the floor, and your butt up in the air. Jump forward, as high a jump as you can and as far forward as you can; then jump back to starting position. Repeat as fast as you can. Substitute these for the lunge jumps in the workout above.

Ok, on to Tabata!

This is the grand finale of every workout with Colossus (read: the most butt-kicking exercise of all, coming at the end of the workout when you're already totally exhausted)...

Tabata has many variations but the important thing is this: do intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for about 4 minutes. This is a great, fat-burning end to a workout and was the result of a landmark study in 1996 by this guy, Dr. Izumi Tabata:

And his peeps.

The way I do it is this: Start with weights in each hand. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, whatever is comfortable for squatting down. Curl the weights up to your shoulders. Squat down as far as you can go (stick that butt out!), and as you stand up, press the weights up until your arms are straight up and you are standing straight up. Bring the weights back to your shoulders and repeat.


Feelin' the burn yet, ladies?

If any of you have other workout tips (ahem, concave-stomached SUE!) feel free to share! Communal hotness abounds!

Your squatting fiend forever,

Domestic Goddess Jen

P.S. I also just happened upon this FABULOUS blog by the Fit Bottomed Girls (first of all could I love their name any more? No, I could not.). Gals, you will be hearing more about (and from!) these ladies in the near future... until then, squat yourselves silly!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spin the Wheel: Wedding Color Palettes

Dear Minister Sue,

FYI, the Lawyer and I will not be writing our own vows or anything like that. I'm hoping we find some nice readings to personalize things, and otherwise I'll just be relying on YOU to provide us with the Ceremony of Dreams. No pressure though.

Now, can we get back to the more material side of weddings? Thanks.

I am trying to cram as much planning into the next week or so until I start school and thus am no longer a lady of leisure, but a mere lifeless graduate student.

First and foremost, I am trying to nail down our color scheme. Yes, without ever seeing our venue in person (and yes, before you ask yet again, I am still ringless). I have seen photos of our Location of Dreams, though, and wept through the DVD photo montage they gave us - multiple times - so I think I can take a pretty good gander at colors.

Plus, look what I have to help me! It's a color wheel from Brides.com to help figure out the perfect palette.

I am a little embarrassed to admit how many hours I have spent spinning this thing. It is totally addictive and basically made me want to have like 20 weddings so I can use all the combos I love.

Really, if anything, the wheel made me more undecided about the colors I should pick. And while I know I have great taste, I am no designer. So I'm hoping you and our gals can help me. Any ideas? What colors work best for a simple, elegant fall Wedding of Dreams?

I will say that my favorite color is orange. In fact I kind of have a minor obsession with it.



Your Favorite Design-Challenged Domestic Goddess

P.S. On a more serious note, as New Yorkers (both current and former), we just want to say that our thoughts are with all those families and other individuals for whom this is a very, very sad day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Vows

Not to totally be fromage-y (cheesy, for those non-francophiles), but I feel like every day with The Doctor is another day of Domestic Partnership Vows.

Just last night he goes, "DomestiGal Sue," (Okay, fine, he doesn't call me DomestiGal Sue...)

Let's begin that again.

Just last night he said, "Sue, I feel like when I met you the clouds all disappeared..."

I mean, ya'll know that I don't like sentimental crap, but I have to say that I'm one lucky gal to have my man!

Especially since I'm such a Bitch with a capital B.

Well, ladies? What sort of wedding vows did you guys say to your husbands-to-be? Are you writing your own vows?? What do your boyfriends/fiances/domestic partners say to you on a daily or not-so-daily basis?


Angel of the Clouds Sue

DomestiGals Heart... Fish Oil!


Fish Oil!

So, when DomestiGal Sue was in nutrition school, all the doctors who came in to present would say the following, "The worst thing that fish oil can do for you is make you smarter and hotter."

Okay, so they didn't exactly say "hotter" -- but that's how it should have been interpreted!

Fish oil is beneficial for the following:

Reduce the risk of heart diseases,
Lower cholesterol
Promotes weight loss
Reduces depression and anxiety
Prevents some forms of cancer
Produces beautiful skin

Not to mention the fact that it is highly recommended - nay, required - by Colossus, Bridal Boot Camp Butt-Kicker Extraordinaire!

DomestiGals, get yourself on the fish oil track, stat! We buy ours at Vitamin World.

Vitamin World

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ring Shout Out and Martha's Towels

Dear Jen,

While every good DomestiGal must obviously pray to the gods that are Martha Stewart, I must say one thing.

Are her towels funky? Or is it just her towels that are sold in Target that are funky? It certainly can't be that my hands and other body parts are absurdly dirty. I'm staying with friends right now in San Francisco, and we've been discussing (and using!) her towels. For some reason, we've all experienced them getting randomly bleached and color-funky after a few times of using them. It's a bit peculiar, but surely more people other than New Yorkers and San Franners have noticed this?

Anyway, back to a more important matter at hand: Inaugural Wedding Fabulosity Fest! Most excellent idea, Jen, specifically because I could go on and on about Colin Firth and/or Mr. Darcy though they don't have abs that extend from here to England like our joint boyfriend, Michael Phelps.

Ahem. Jen -- I fear we (i.e. "mwe") might both have to put the kabosh on Michael Phelps' references... perhaps we'll leave it up to our DomestiGal readers to elect the newest DomestiGal boy crush.

Ladies? Any nominations?

Now, while I've tried to ignore my darling friend Jen's comment that my Potential Partnership Rings reminded her of ones she used to wear in middle school, I would like to send a shout-out to Kathryn, Bekah, Bayjb, Renee (Renee -- I love Etsy, especially Shoda Design), Tiffany, Blablovers and Jamie Lovely for commenting on their favorite rings and my peculiarly tiny Asian fingers. (Never fear ladies -- these hands can still tickle the ivories of pianos like every other good Asian gal's!)

But, alas, I do tend to really doubt my taste. And here's the perfect example why.

This afternoon, while taking a lovely walk in Dolores Park here in the Mission District of San Francisco...

Photo Courtesy Parkopolis

I asked my friend, Bill, for his secret coffee recipe. He practically rolled into the street with laughter. "Sue," he said, "In 35 years, no one has *ever* told me that they liked my coffee, and I trust that no one will ever tell me that again. The secret, my dear friend, is Folgers."


How pathetic did I feel?!! Why do I go around buying tasty, organic, expensive brands like Trader Joe's, Mud, etc., when I like a basic coffee that's been commercial and in every American household since the 19th century?

This is why I simply can't trust my taste in rings. I'm going to have to let The Doctor decide after all. And, yes, I'll probably be wearing a ring at your wedding, Jen, while doing the pastoral prayer. (Damn, I so hoped to be knocked up with a bastard child while marrying you to The Lawyer).

I'm going to go join the Folger's Wakin' Up Club and throw out my Triple Threat Espresso now. :(



Wedding Fabulosity Fest!

So Sue.

Yesterday I had to email this huge pile o' career crap to the MBA career services office at my school-to-be. Really? This stuff took ages to complete, was a huge pain in the tuchus, and had me alternating between IMing with The Lawyer and Skyping with my mom in fits of insecurity. Being the token American Non-Profit Gal, fabulous as I am, is not going to be easy in a program full of finance whizzes and accounting nerds. Sheesh.

Also? I really really really wanted to include "planning Wedding of Dreams" under "Interests" on my newly revamped CV. I mean, they should want to know the real me, right?


Sadly, I couldn't even treat myself to a celebratory drink after I finished it all, because Colossus has started keeping tabs on my alcohol intake by measuring the skin fold (read: pinching the fat) on the front of my kneecap. FOR REAL.

So I decided to treat myself to this post instead. Thus, before embarking upon my Econ pre-reading (gag), I hereby announce the Inaugural Wedding Fabulosity Fest!

I have found some of the cutest things while procrastin- um, I mean, bridal-blog-browsing. While I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be pulling off a Martha Stewart Wedding, I do appreciate craftiness and hope to incorporate some cute, personal details at our nuptials. But for every idea that might work at our wedding, I find a zillion cute ones that, for whatever reason, won't.

So without further ado, here are some of the most fabulous things I've come across that I won't be using but nevertheless heart in a mayjah way...

Jim and Pam stationery suite from The Future Mrs. Darcy. 

Found these thanks to the ad on snippet & ink. To be honest, it was my love for Colin Firth (the best Darcy in the history of Darcys, now and forevermore) that made me click the ad, and boy was I glad I did!

Now, I may be biased because I went to college with the adorable John Krasinski, but I think this set is so creative! Note that the "Inter-Departmental Delivery" is an area to include personal family or romantic anecdotal details. Love! Her other collections - cleverly named for other beloved fictional couples - are quite sweet too.

Frankly, the site as a whole is really more your style than mine, Sue. But Ariel (the original Offbeat Bride) has got moxie and DomestiGals do nothing if not respect moxie!

I think this is SUCH a great idea for save-the-date cards. The Lawyer is a little more traditional when it comes to stationery, but Gals, if your man will go for this there is mayjah cuteness potential! And if you, like me, are no Martha, Ariel has recently posted a How-To video, so you're all set.

Ring pillows from Bklyn Pillow

I may be new to the bridal blogosphere, but it didn't take me long to learn that Brooklyn Bride rules the roost. She is a mayjah celeb in the bridal blog world. And for good reason! She is super talented, has fabulous taste, and Bride can sew!

Like, seriously.

Found these on Etsy, a SUPREMELY ADDICTIVE but fantastic site chock full of handmade wonderfulness. These place cards are over our budget, unfortunately, but I think they are amazing - especially for a travel theme or destination wedding.

Just look at the close-up!


And... I'm cutting myself off now. But! I will keep posting regularly as I discover more morsels of wedding fabulosity. If I can't use them myself, at least I can sing their praises in DomestiGal Land!


Domestic-Goddess-Indeed-But-No-Martha-Stewart Jen

Monday, September 8, 2008

LOW-Carb, Thank You Very Much!

Dearest DomestiGal Sue,

Well, between the new season of Gossip Girl (Missing another episode tonight! The horror, the horror!), the broadcast of Stand Up to Cancer, and Britney's triumphant return to hotness last night on the VMAs, I am really going through some mayjah USofA withdrawal. Sigh.

But we have a lot to cover here. I'll get right to it and try to stay focused:

1. My bum. Tighter and tighter every day, baby.

2. My vitamins. Colossus currently has me on a regimen of vitamins, supplements, and protein shakes... a little intense, but I am seeing results (bye bye 10% of my love-handles in one week!) so I can't complain. I am currently taking multi-vitamins; a capsule that contains fenugreek, bitter gourd, and gymnema leaf (yeah, I didn't know what they were either); and my personal savior, fish oil. 

Seriously Sue? Can we have a moment for the wonders of fish oil? You're the one who first turned me onto it, if you recall. Amazing stuff. Deserves its own "DomestiGals Heart..." post, methinks!

3. My diet. Is LOW-carb, not no-carb. Low-carb, high-protein, Nutella-free. That's me! So torture me all you want with descriptions of your decadent NYC meals, missy. I'm gonna go have me some sushi WITH rice! Aw yeah! How do you like THAT?

(Really how depressing is it that when The Lawyer and I go out for sushi it's a treat to eat the rice. A twee pathetic, eh?)

As for your latest jewelry ideas, I must say I was disappointed to see a total lack of sparkle (were you scared by my last reaction? Probably.) but those are lovely designs. Waaaaay too alterna-bride for me, but you could pull them off quite well.

So? Does this mean you have relented? Has The Doctor won? Are you going to get and - gasp! - actually wear a ring???

Do tell!



Saturday, September 6, 2008

More ring talk! Has DomestiGal Sue lost her mind?

DomestiGal Jen,

Oy. I just can't even believe you're heading back to school to complete your MBA. The thought of you straining your brain to do something other than wedding gift shopping is just beyond the beyond! Please remember the rest of us in DomestiGal Land when you're off nerding out.

Okay, so I finally found two rings that I'm pretty much ridiculously obsessed with. And, best yet, my new friend Yaf has worked at the store, Versani, for the past several years. We met the other night at my business coach, Kim's, fabulous birthday party at Kittichai.

Ahem. Obviously what's more important than rings? Food, duh.

First I have to tell you all about the food I had at Kittichai in SoHo, because it was beyond the beyond fabulous.

*Coconut and organic chicken relish with crispy jasmine rice crackers
*Seabass tempura with sweet chili-tamarind sauce
*Chocolate baby back ribs with Thai spices
Um, excuse me, did you hear me?
That's right, CHOCOLATE baby back ribs with Thai spices.

(Jen, get your hand out of that Nutella Jar, you Dirty DomestiGal! Colossus insists that your rear end be tighter than Michael Phelps' bum by next year. How do you expect your dress-of-dreams to zip up if you continue to be so undisciplined!)

*Flourless chocolate cake with fresh cream
*Banana spring rolls with honey cream

Jen, do tell the rest of our community how all that personal training and no-carb diet is working out for you? Any special vitamins you're taking recently?

Dear god I'm such a terrible, fat cow and a lousy friend.

Anyway, back to the matter of my left hand.

Check it here.


I know all you DomestiGal diamond-lovers out there will be horrified that I want this as my "partnership ring." But I just love it.

I'm also pretty much obsessed with this one as well. Check it, ladies, here.


So this is how I see it. Right now, gold is tres in here in Manhattan. (That said, I suppose gold is always very in during the summer time.) Anyway, I'm kind of thinking that gold one can be my pseudo engagement ring (even though I never plan to be engaged... or married for that matter), and then the first one, the Russian Wedding Band, can be my official DomestiGal Partnership Ring. Oops, ahem. Of course I meant my official Domestic Partner Partnership Ring.

Some days I'll wear gold; other days I'll wear white gold.

And obviously my underwear will always match.


Foie-gras and fat eating Sue

Liar's Poker = Gossipfest. Woohoo!

Sue! Guess what!

I just finished my first pre-MBA reading assignment. Good for me!

Indeed, Liar's Poker was the perfect way for me to break into my MBA prep (because, apparently, this degree program is actually happening). Basically it's a non-fiction book about Wall Street in the 80s. Totally gossip-tastic!

Check it out:
And even better? The author, Michael Lewis, is married to Tabitha Soren! Does that name ring a bell to you? It did to me... Tabitha "MTV News" Soren? Tabitha "Choose or Lose" Soren?

How about a visual reminder:

Total blast from the past, right?

OK, so anyway, I was very proud of myself for finishing this book - and more proud that I was actually interested in its content.

And it made me curious. Are there any other MBA-bound DomestiGals out there? Or any Gals who already have their MBAs? Or perhaps Gals who aspire to be, as Michael Lewis would say, Big Swinging Dicks on Wall Street (with apologies for my bad language but I am trying to learn the lingo)?

Not that I want to make big bucks upon graduating a year from now. Nope, I plan to get married and have bab - um, I mean, return to the non-profit world and conquer it with my keen finance skills and improved schmoozing abilities. Though I'm not sure how this progam will help me improve on perfection in that particular area.


Domestic Budding MBA Rockstar Jen

Friday, September 5, 2008

DomestiGals Stand Up to Cancer!

To Sue and all my ladies in DomestiGal Land... a plea from across the pond:

Stand Up To Cancer. Tonight at 8pm (ET/PT) and 7pm (CT) on ABC, CBS, and NBC. 
That's right! Three networks simultaneously! But it's not a State of the Union! In fact, Bush won't even be there! Woohoo!

I'm sure you've heard about it. And frankly I am going through mayjah withdrawal over here not seeing all the press because - to get serious for a second - cancer advocacy is a great passion of mine (second to planning my wedding, obv). This TV special and the incredible website that has been built to promote it have the potential to make a HUGE impact on this cause. 

Here are some great ways *YOU* can promote SU2C on your blog, in your email, on your Facebook page, wherever! Easy peasy and impactful. Awesome.

What else can you do? Why, you can download the catchy new song "Just Stand Up!" from iTunes. This is Gal (vocal) power at its best!

There are also some fab items to buy here. I am drooling over Jennifer Meyer's star necklace... though perhaps that's partly because she gets to snuggle with Tobey Maguire every night. Lucky gal. I did buy myself this totebag:
... and have been carrying it to all my Colossal workout sessions. Not only does the bag feature my favorite color (orange) but I felt good spending (The Lawyer's) money on a very good, very urgent, very important cause.

[Dude. Su2C should be paying me for promotions like this! Though then I would just donate the money back. But still.]

Gals! If you decide to promote this fabulous and important and groundbreaking program, please let us know! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

And finally, because I can't resist... for those of you who may wonder, from time to time, what Sue and Yours Truly look like in person, you will find me - for real - in here:

Who am I? That's top secret, I'll never tell.
You know you love me.


DomestiGirl Jen

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is That Bling I See?

Sue darling,

I am proud of you! I think you have two very nice choices there! For real!

Well, I mean, the first one reminds me of a ring I wore in sixth grade. Did I ever mention how I hit my social peak in sixth grade? Seriously. On the last day of school, FIVE different boys gave me jewelry! I got three necklaces, a gold (!!!) bracelet (that one was actually from my boyfriend), and a watch-ring. Which I actually loved. How that trend did not take off I have no idea.

Anyway, as fond as I am of those days, your Official Domestic Partner Partnership Ring should not remind me of them.

But! Do my eyes deceive me or did that second one actually have very wee diamonds (but diamonds nonetheless!) in it? Miracle of miracles! You are into (very wee) bling after all! This takes our friendship to a whole new level.

Although - I know. I won't get ahead of myself. You have probably already decided that you hate it. Or found something tackier - I mean, more in line with your taste.

Sigh. Keep me posted. Tiffany, Harry, Fred and I will be here for you.

With labels and love,


Alternative Wedding Rings -- Sue needs help!

Dear DomestiGal Jen (and all our other wonderful DomestiGals who commented on yesterday's post -- Renee, Kyla and Michelle... I know I'm missing some of you ladies!)

I love your idea of having donations to you and The Lawyer's favorite charities! I must say, the few friends of mine who've actually had a wedding do this exact same thing as well! I think it's one of the most moving and memorable things that you can do for a wedding. As your future minister, I give my Official DomestiGal Seal of Approval!

As for the bridal mag craft project, I can't say it's how I'd spend my time, but I think it's the perfect task for a Domestic Goddess.

Of course, now I must do a shameless plug for me and my friend's non-profit... forgive me, DomestiGals, but I must, I must! It's called Smiles Across the Miles, and we provide medical and dental supplies to pediatric patients and orphanages in Bolivia.

Okay, now for an extreme change in topic.

So here's the deal.

The Doctor keeps harassing me over what kind of partnership band I want and I just don't know what to do. I mean, I'm not exactly the diamond-wearing-type. If I ever leave my house in something other than a tank top and jeans, friends and colleagues of mine don't recognize me.

So, what should I get? Did any of our DomestiGals out there get something other than a diamond ring??

Here are some sites that I have looked at. Jen, do you like any of them? Seriously, if I could afford a personal shopper, I would just put her to work.

There's this place in Brooklyn, NY called The Clay Pot which has a lot of beautiful items. They are a bit too expensive for my taste (i.e., they cost more than $100/ring... Hey, I'm stingy), but let me know your thoughts.

It's by Marian Maurer and called the Laurie Band. I know it's a bit plain for your taste. I mean, you're looking for a diamond that acts as a ship's headlights for a boat ride from NYC to London, but this is me we're talking about.

What about this one? It's called the Matsu Organic Band.

Yikes! I'm bored after spending 5 minutes researching rings. Any suggestions from other DomestiGals about fun, funky wedding rings?


Size 4.5 ring-finger Sue

Bridal Mags 4evah!


I am so excited. I have a new project! Well, or, I will. 

Check it: as you know, I basically waited my whole life to be able to buy bridal magazines and have been delighting in their presence in our little house. Wanna see them again? You know you do...



So anyway, along with my delight has come an ever-increasing anxiety. Now that the mags are here, what am I going to do with them when the wedding is over? Granted, I still have over a year to figure this out, but nevertheless it has been weighing on my mind.

Well, thanks to Jaime (and her lovely blog that is chock full of inspiration), I now know what I can do! I will turn my cherished magazines into eco-chic picture frames in which I can put some of our wedding photos! Genius!

Jaime got the idea from Home Made Simple and I think it is just brilliant.

Look at how nice I will look!


Yours in crafty fabulosity,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Money and Wedding Etiquette Part II

S-F Sue,

Just writing to hear how your cleanse went - um, NO. Do NOT need to hear about your bowel movements. But, uh, thanks for the offer.

So, a few posts back, you mentioned your friend who wants dough for her wedding.

If I couldn't be there for you, I'm glad our DomestiGals in the blogosphere stepped up to the plate with their advice and anecdotes. My favorite morsel of hilarity comes from Michelle Woo (who happens to have a fabulous blog), who said that a friend sent a message that read, "wallet-$ized gift$, plea$e." OMG! It's almost too tacky to be true!

As for The Lawyer and I, we are thinking that instead of registering for stuff or asking for moolah, we would like to ask our invitees to make donations to one (or both) of two charitable funds. We each picked one, and both funds honor our dearest deceased family members, so I think it will be a really nice tribute - not to mention the dough that will be raised for very good causes.

DP, you'll be officiating at these nuptials. What do you think?

Gals in the blogosphere, have any of you done this or attended weddings of those who have?

Not that any of you can tell me it's a crap idea. Because obv it's thoughtful and whatnot. I guess what I really want to know is, am I a terrible person for also kind of wanting a KitchenAid mixer and some new sheets? And how do I reconcile the charity vs. KitchenAid conflict stirring in my soul?