Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Off-the-Chart Couple Hotness: Barack and Michelle Obama

Dearest Jen,

Hmmm... equality in terms of couple hotness is certainly a most excellent topic to discuss.

I mean, since it's my birthday, can I pretend that I'm hotter than The Doctor? Seriously, I think I woke up on my 30th with a grey hair and slight wrinkles developing around my eyes.

Just kidding. I'm Asian, and Asians don't age.

Jen, I love how the way you write makes you sound like a 400 pound cow who has to lug herself 2 hours back to London every week to train with Colossus. Even though I watched you and The Lawyer wolf down 3 entrees during a beautiful NYC brunch is no reason to be so hard on yourself.

Anyway, I put together this quick ball-busting workout for you to do in your room. This way, you can stay out of that nasty MBA gym of yours.

Do two minutes of each exercise and be prepared to vomit afterwards:

1. Lunges to the front (R/L) with 8 pound shoulder presses to the ceiling with 8 pound weights;
2. Kickboxing with legs to the side (R/L) with boxing arms punching to the front with 8 pound weights;
3. Squats (R/L) with bent arm lateral raise to the side with 8 pound weights;
4. Static hold squat with back against wall and bicep curls (hands facing each other) with 8 pound weights;
5. Calf raises with bicep curl (hands facing ceiling) upwards with 8 pound weights;
6. On back: Inner thigh reps (legs from Big V to little v) with sit-ups;
7. On back: Inner thigh reps (right leg in front; left leg in front) with oblique side-to-side sit-ups;
8. Jump squats to pushups;
9. Tricep dips with fingers toward glutes with right leg lift to ceiling;
10. Tricep dips with fingers rotated outward toward walls with left leg lift to ceiling.

If you do this workout 3 times a week you'll return to your Domestic Goddess level of hotness in no time!

But back to couples and their hotness. You know the latest uber-hot couple? Hello, obviously The Obamas!

Photo courtesy MSNBC.com

Michelle Obama is a rockstar (even though people here in NYC complained a bit too much about the red dress she wore to Barack's acceptance speech), and President-Elect Obama is going to be our skinniest-president-ever! Hopefully you all read this op-ed piece in the New York Times about electing a Skinny Black Guy. Totally hilare article by Colson Whitehead.

Anyway, the Obamas obviously receive a double A+ in terms of couple hotness.

Let us know, DomestiGals, who's hotter: you or your beloved?


Birthday Girl Sue

PS: Did I mention it was my 30th birthday, folks? Hello! I'm devastated. But still fabulous.

PPS: Thanks again to Kyla Bea for her fabulous post yesterday!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Dearest Sue,

Few words could capture the true momentousness of this day. Therefore, I will leave it up to my friends at someecards (OK I don't actually know them but I am OBSESSED with their site - I mean, hello, is this genius or what?!)...

(with an edit to keep things clean, since I am not yet "dirty thirty" - obv)

Lots of love from your favorite DomestiGradess,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

DomestiGals Welcome Kyla Bea for More Ring Talk!

Dear Sue & Jen,

I have to say, I really adore the moissanite ring talk you've been engaging in over the past posts, but I can't say that I'm as entirely on the boat as you guys are. I have to voice my opinion! DomestiGal or not, I am thoroughly domestic (and alternately non-domestic) and I will be heard!

I feel like we skipped a step in this discussion, we went from diamonds to moissanite in one move - that's like getting engaged on a second date! And Sue, I thought you didn't even really want the fuss of this formality stuff! Let's at least go on a third date before you guys really commit.

I get that moissanite is great for a whole bunch of reasons - including that the stone in the middle is conflict free. You get a brand new shiny piece of jewlery, and at least part of the appeal is that you have a big stone without the same cost of a big stone. Here is where I get tripped up though: what about the minerals your stones are set in?

Mining is tough, dirty, and extremely environmentally disruptive at the best of times if it's not downright harmful. Unless your moissanite ring is set in recycled gold, it's still harmful to the
environment, and the rings that I've found online really aren't as pocket friendly as I'd thought they would be! Maybe it's because I'm a married girl in my 20s, but there is no way I could find it acceptable for my Mister to throw down $2000+ for a ring, especially if there were no diamonds changing hands.

Knowing where I stood on this, when Mister and I knew we wanted to get married, I started looking at vintage rings.

Okay hear me out!

Has someone else worn them? Maybe. Maybe they were purchased for someone and never accepted. Maybe they were given and never worn. Maybe they were worn for a year and then put into a box again. But once I got over the "someone else factor" - I have to say that vintage
rings hold my heart.

First of all: it's not about cost. Vintage rings are beautifully designed. Rings from the 1920 and 1930 can be simply or exquisitely set - but they are all warm designs with extreme attention to detail that you have to pay $3000+ for in a new, or moissanite, ring.

Second: The cuts of the stones are also more generous - because a lot of the technology that we have just wasn't around you can get a really gorgeous, and big, stone that by today's standards would lose a quarter of a carat just in making the cut more precise. I have to say, I don't really care how precisely cut the stone is - the diamonds really do sparkle the same in a vintage setting.

And of course, my goodness are they cheap. At estate sales and resellers you can get a vintage ring for a fraction of the cost that you would buy new. The designs are warm and detailed, and you can buy them without breaking the bank. The diamonds that you're buying are already in the world, no one's digging them out or making imitation stones, and gold is upcycled if not recycled. How eco-friendly can you get?

My ring Mister used to propose ended up being Mister's Grandmother's ring. The modern designs just didn't work with my sensibilities in the end, and it's worked out perfectly for us. I had the wedding band re-set and they made an awesome pair.

Can I stop being practical and go back to being a girl talking about her wedding for just a second? Here's my engagement ring. It's almost a carat. It's from mister, and I love it. The start of a very good thing.

What do you think? Anyone thinking of taking the vintage plunge?

For more Kyla Bea, check out her fabulous blog! Thank you, Kyla, for adding this new dimension to our ring obsession! XOXO!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lawerly Hotness vs. Grad School Bloat


As I pack to fly back to NYC for your birthday - oh wait. I cannot even believe I will be missing your 30th. Don't even get me started.

So. As I anticipate my trip back to London tonight to work out with Colossus, I have to say I am feeling a little down.

Back when I was a Domestic Goddess, I was working out five or six times a week, cooking three healthy meals a day, getting ten hours of sleep a night, and generally feeling fabulous. As I have previously mentioned, I was totally Colossus' star pupil. I was even doing lunges with free weights heavier than what The Lawyer used! Not that he and I are competitive about this, but I felt fit, strong, and fabulous.

I have now been a DomestiGrad Student for - oh holy crap, has it not even been two months? I should not have done the math - well, it feels like forever. I now strive for three workouts a week. I eat sandwiches for lunch. And sometimes breakfast. And dinner. I haven't had fish for ages and green vegetables are a thing of the past. I get a measly seven hours of sleep on a good night. And I am generally feeling exhausted, puffy, and less fit by the day.

The Lawyer, on the other hand, as you have now seen for yourself, is basically turning into the hottest thing since Nutella came in a pitcher.

I have always believed that couples who are truly MFEO (and if you don't know what that stands for you need to watch "Sleepless in Seattle" ASAP) need to be in the same looks bracket. You know, they need to be at the same level of hotness. As much as two people have in common, or as much as they think they are attracted to each other, if one far surpasses the other in his or her hotness, it just won't last.

Of the men I dated pre-Lawyer, most were in my looks bracket. But some were hotter. And some were notter. And those were always my shortest relationships. 

I know The Lawyer and I are MFEO, but I am worried about his ascent to hotness while I decline into a state of red-eyed bloat. I am trying to eat well, and trying to workout more, but there are only so many hours in the day, you know?

Sue! Ladies! I need a boost! Are there any shortcuts to hotness that I can grasp as I attempt to climb out of my funk? Or is my Looks Bracket Theory just a load of baloney?

Or should I just stop whining?

Yours in tighter pants,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moissanites are a Girl's Best Friend...

Dude, *love* all those rings you posted about yesterday! The Doctor has been threatening to buy me jewelry for my birthday this Friday (and when he says that, he means earrings or a necklace) and I keep stressing, “Do you hear me? Do not buy me jewelry! Save your money for my moissanite ring!”

Ug, I mean, come on. I've become such a girl, the next thing you know I'll actually be going from Domestic Partnership to REAL LIVE WEDDING or something totally insane for me.

Also, how many karats do you want? I can understand this obsession of wanting something that is at least a karat. Is the Ring of Dreams The Lawyer is buying 1 karat or 2 karats? Have you instructed him on desired size?

So back to me.

It seems that Gwyneth was the clear winner from our weekend of "diamond" ring shopping for DomestiGal Sue.


Let's just look at that beauty once again.

I mean, double sigh.

Also, do you realize that this is the last Tuesday ever that I'll be posting as a 20-something?? That's right, ladies, I'm about to enter into Dirty Thirty territory! I just sent out the following birthday reminder to those unfortunate enough to be my friends here in NYC:

Hey guys,

Just a not-so-friendly-crack-of-the-whip reminder that my birthday is
this Friday and our Dance Party will be Saturday, November 15. For
those of you who get here at 8pm, you'll be fed yummy treats courtesy
Formaggio Kitchen.

Remember, lame excuses for why you're not in attendance will not be
accepted. (Not interested that you have an early morning Sunday
political protest, you can't get out of your hospital shift, you're on
your honeymoon, you're still too exhausted from campaigning for Obama
in Michigan and Pennsylvania, or that you have too much work to do for
your PhD/MBA/JD).

You should be at [my address] that evening. If it's nice out, we can party on the roof as well.

Finally, if you need any additional reasons to celebrate, Obama's going to be our next president!

(Isn't it so much more personal that I emailed this, rather than you
finding out via Facebook and Twitter?)

Thought so.

See you all Saturday!


My Real Name

Anyway, Jen, I know you just flew in to have brunch with me last weekend, but I can't wait 'til you surprise me, once again, for my 30th.

Here's to my next decade with the DomestiGals (How old are all of you, anyway?)!


Dirty Thirty Sue

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll Just Pretend They're Diamond Rings...

Sue my darling,

First of all? Did you HAVE to tell the blogosphere about the three entrees? Not that I'm ashamed, because we are looking hot (if I do say so myself, but thank you for the confirmation), and we only make it to that brunch spot like twice a year now when we used to go every weekend so it's important to get to eat all of our favorite things on the menu... anyway. I'm over it. And I hope you enjoyed your mimosa and two glasses of wine, by the way.

Anyway, it's like 7:00AM here. I've been up since 6. The Lawyer was up here this weekend and had to catch his train this morning. Trying not to be too sad/cranky/whiny about this whole long-distance thing, but it SUCKS. What's worse is that I have a class called "Business Modelling" at 9 - and no, it's not about how to look hot in the office, but about how to use Excel to do weird stuff that I don't understand in the first place - and I have lots of homework to do. So thank you, Sue, for giving me an excuse to procrastinate... by looking at (fake) diamond rings!

Let me say that I totally approve of your choices. Is Diamond Nexus Labs fun to browse or what?! Even though I'm afraid you are going to wake up any day now and snap our of your blingtastic reverie, let me just add a couple more rings to the mix. 

First, I was delighted to find Fanfare.

This ring actually fairly closely resembles the Ring of Dreams! (Though the Ring of Dreams is a little more svelte, but nevertheless similarly art deco-inspired. And made with real diamonds. Are you reading, Lawyer? I said REAL DIAMONDS.) Anyway, this may be a little too heavy for your dainty Asian fingers but I had to feature it here.

Next, we have Adelaide. 

Mostly just because I couldn't resist taking your new-found love for bling that much farther. Is this ring gorge or what?! The thin band would look beautiful on you, and the sparkle factor is just perfecto I think.

Of your choices, Sue, I would definitely go for Gwynie.

She actually looks a lot like the Tiffany Novo, also known as the Ex-Ring of Dreams (as my Midwestern Caucasian/German Ancestral fingers are too big for such dainty perfection).

Can't wait to hear your further thoughts!

By the way, you do realize that these rings ooze "Wife," not "Domestic Partner," right? I mean. Just saying...

Ok, off to hit the books.



Friday, November 7, 2008

Diamond Ring Therapy

Uy, uy, uy.

DomestiGals, who am I?

I look at my gorgeous self in the mirror and don't even recognize me. Why, oh why, am I all of a sudden wanting a fake diamond ring? DomestiGal Sue hearts moissanite engagement rings -- all of them.

Jen, last weekend when you flew into NYC for the weekend with the rock-solid Lawyer (more on that later), did I soak up too much of your fabulous girly-ness? By the way, The Doctor and I so enjoyed watching you and your man SPLIT THREE ENTREES between the two of you.

(No comment on what Colossus, your personal trainer, must have said when he pinched the fat around your knee upon your return to the gym.)

Perhaps it's because I just returned from a Manhattan fundraiser for The Bottomless Closet, where all the usual Upper East Side women were there with their 3.5 karat blinders. Thank god I'm Asian and have slightly slanty eyes, so I can't let in too much sparkle.

Thank you, lady blogger Kathryn, for the link to the Diamond Nexus Labs. I've officially wasted the last 45 minutes staring at bling.

Ladies, which do you like the most from Diamond Nexus Labs? Of course they're all fake, and I hope they follow Jen's cardinal four F rules.

What do you think? Callisto or Gwyneth?

I think I'll try to convince The Doctor to stop cleaning behind the oven (I know, forget about the Ring of Dreams, I've got The Man of Dreams) and come and take a look at my newest choices.

Oh, and Jen, The Lawyer is looking H-O-T. I mean, I've known your fiance-to-be since 1996, and he is officially made of steel. You may be able to cut your platinum ring across his triple-tricep-whammy one day.

And you, my darling, looked stunning as usual.



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Engagement Rings: The Four F's

Sue and Gals!

First of all, if y'all have not clicked on the comments section of my last post, DO IT NOW. You are about to see such a gorgeous ring - it must be viewed! Not to mention the lovely sentiments from Kyla Bea and Caz, two of our fave ladies. Check it out!

Now onto further engagement ring obsessing.

So Sue. Since you are looking at fakies, you don't need to worry your pretty little head about the 4 C's (clarity, cut, color, and carat weight). Moissanite in particular is always basically gorgeous and sparkly, so you want to be sure to get a nice cut that you like and, obviously, a HUGE carat weight, but you don't have to worry about the all the complicated stuff that, for example, The Lawyer (are you reading, dear?) will have to deal with when purchasing my Ring of Dreams.

But, but! You are not out of the woods yet! Behold, the 4 F's! Created by moi just for you (and all of our fab readers, of course).

F #1: Fake
Put down that salad and chew on this, my darling: Are you sure you want a fake diamond? Positive? You won't regret this years from now as you gaze down at your moissanite stunner? No? Good. Let's move on.

F #2: Fit
As thin and gorge as you are now, Sue, we will all put on a few pounds, or at least some puffiness, over the years. Especially when you get knocked up with your JewAsian spawn. Or indulge in one of your "Fat Fridays" and drink a few margaritas. So just make sure the ring is comfy with just a wee bit of room for growth.

F #3: Flair
Sue, think of your studded cowboy boots. This ring needs to reflect you. Make sure the ring has personality worthy of its fabulous owner! Which leads me to...

F #4: Fabulousness
I mean. Obv.

So there you have it, Sue! Food for thought for your ring quest. Obviously you must keep us posted as this process continues...

I love that I can obsess about your ring while I await mine! This is fab!



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the Blingiful


The only thing that would interrupt me from my Obama Victory Party (by which I mean eating peanut butter straight out of the jar and crying with joy and relief and probably the extra dose of hormones in my new birth control pills - I mean WHY can they not make low-dose pills in the UK?! Come on people! - while watching his victory speech online) is this miraculous news that you have seen the light! Well, either that or you have been blinded by the rays emanating from your mumsy's fake diamond ring. Either way, this is tres exciting.

So do tell! What does your mom's ring look like? Do you like it or do you want a different style? Are you sure you want moissanite (which, honey, you really can't call "moissanite diamond"...unless you insert "fake" between the two words, dear) or perhaps does a wee part of your hot Asian self want The Doctor to splurge on a real diamond? Surely he can find a way to splurge now that you are seeing a financial advisor/therapist.

Though I must caution you, Sue. Make sure this is just not a whim! Don't get my hopes up that you will soon be sporting a blingalicious domestic partnership ring only to dash them and decide to wear that ring you liked that looks like a gift my 6th grade boyfriend gave me.

Not that this is about me.

But before you ask, YES, I am still sans Ring of Dreams. However! It's now November which can mean only one thing (to moi, anyway): bonus season is almost just around the corner! Which means my Ring of Dreams draws ever closer to becoming a Ring of Reality... 

Though I must say, I find it interesting that many of the married girls in my program are sporting neither diamond engagement rings nor diamond wedding bands. Kind of horrible, I know. But apparently diamond engagement rings are not the worldwide obsession I so naively and Americanly assumed they were.

But before The Lawyer should breathe a sigh of relief, let me confirm the fact that I cannot WAIT to blow my classmates away with the gorgeosity of my Ring of Dreams.

Not that this is about me.

So we need more details, stat!

And ladies out there, I second Sue's motion - post pics of your rings and link to us! Or send us pics of your rings and we'll post them! Sue needs our input ASAP!


DomestiGal Jen

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DomestiGal Sue wants a Diamond Ring... ASAP!

Girls, here it is. This is what DomestiGal Sue actually looks like.

Okay, sort of. But. Um, not really at all.

Because I'm way hotter.

Totally diggin' her cleavage though. Clearly pronounced by that diamond necklace and the V-neck dress.


So, I think I'm ready. Not really for a diamond *diamond* ring. But for a moissanite diamond ring.

Did DomestiGal Jen just faint? Wake up, darling, you heard right!

Here's the deal. Last weekend I flew back to Vermont to visit mumsy and daddykins for my dad's 60th birthday. I showed my mom my Domestic Partnership ring and the Asian woman did not approve. Okay, mind you, it was also the first time she was seeing my youngest sister's way-too-fabulous Tiffany's diamond engagement ring, but still.

Can you really compare my Domestic Partnership ring to a Tiffany's ring?

In typical, manipulative Asian mom style, she did the deepest, dirtiest trick: she made me try on all her diamond and pseudo-diamond rings. Including her wedding ring.

Then, mommy dearest made me fly back to NYC wearing one of these beyond fabulous pseudo-diamond rings. I may or may not be wearing it now while blogging.

Anyway, I'm now entranced. DomestiGal ooh-I'm-so-different-anti-diamond Sue (ew, I'm so sick of myself) has now turned into DomestiGal I NEED A DIAMOND RING STAT Sue.

The next thing you know, I may actually want to get married, or something terribly perverse like that.

Ladies, please, please, please take pictures of her beautiful diamond rings and post them now.

Wait, why are you still reading?

Run -- run like an Asian tourist to your camera and snap those photos!

I'm begging you!


Diamond Diva Sue