Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DomestiGal Sue wants a Diamond Ring... ASAP!

Girls, here it is. This is what DomestiGal Sue actually looks like.

Okay, sort of. But. Um, not really at all.

Because I'm way hotter.

Totally diggin' her cleavage though. Clearly pronounced by that diamond necklace and the V-neck dress.


So, I think I'm ready. Not really for a diamond *diamond* ring. But for a moissanite diamond ring.

Did DomestiGal Jen just faint? Wake up, darling, you heard right!

Here's the deal. Last weekend I flew back to Vermont to visit mumsy and daddykins for my dad's 60th birthday. I showed my mom my Domestic Partnership ring and the Asian woman did not approve. Okay, mind you, it was also the first time she was seeing my youngest sister's way-too-fabulous Tiffany's diamond engagement ring, but still.

Can you really compare my Domestic Partnership ring to a Tiffany's ring?

In typical, manipulative Asian mom style, she did the deepest, dirtiest trick: she made me try on all her diamond and pseudo-diamond rings. Including her wedding ring.

Then, mommy dearest made me fly back to NYC wearing one of these beyond fabulous pseudo-diamond rings. I may or may not be wearing it now while blogging.

Anyway, I'm now entranced. DomestiGal ooh-I'm-so-different-anti-diamond Sue (ew, I'm so sick of myself) has now turned into DomestiGal I NEED A DIAMOND RING STAT Sue.

The next thing you know, I may actually want to get married, or something terribly perverse like that.

Ladies, please, please, please take pictures of her beautiful diamond rings and post them now.

Wait, why are you still reading?

Run -- run like an Asian tourist to your camera and snap those photos!

I'm begging you!


Diamond Diva Sue

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bekah said...

haha sorry sue I have no pics of my bling..i do love it though..I really do. Gotta tell you...this pot is a bit of a shock to me! you? Diamonds??? Well...be true to what YOU what my dear...if that is diamonds(or moissonite)..then good for you!