Thursday, November 6, 2008

Engagement Rings: The Four F's

Sue and Gals!

First of all, if y'all have not clicked on the comments section of my last post, DO IT NOW. You are about to see such a gorgeous ring - it must be viewed! Not to mention the lovely sentiments from Kyla Bea and Caz, two of our fave ladies. Check it out!

Now onto further engagement ring obsessing.

So Sue. Since you are looking at fakies, you don't need to worry your pretty little head about the 4 C's (clarity, cut, color, and carat weight). Moissanite in particular is always basically gorgeous and sparkly, so you want to be sure to get a nice cut that you like and, obviously, a HUGE carat weight, but you don't have to worry about the all the complicated stuff that, for example, The Lawyer (are you reading, dear?) will have to deal with when purchasing my Ring of Dreams.

But, but! You are not out of the woods yet! Behold, the 4 F's! Created by moi just for you (and all of our fab readers, of course).

F #1: Fake
Put down that salad and chew on this, my darling: Are you sure you want a fake diamond? Positive? You won't regret this years from now as you gaze down at your moissanite stunner? No? Good. Let's move on.

F #2: Fit
As thin and gorge as you are now, Sue, we will all put on a few pounds, or at least some puffiness, over the years. Especially when you get knocked up with your JewAsian spawn. Or indulge in one of your "Fat Fridays" and drink a few margaritas. So just make sure the ring is comfy with just a wee bit of room for growth.

F #3: Flair
Sue, think of your studded cowboy boots. This ring needs to reflect you. Make sure the ring has personality worthy of its fabulous owner! Which leads me to...

F #4: Fabulousness
I mean. Obv.

So there you have it, Sue! Food for thought for your ring quest. Obviously you must keep us posted as this process continues...

I love that I can obsess about your ring while I await mine! This is fab!




Kathryn said...

About #1 - Fake. Have you heard of these:

They're real diamonds, they just happen to be made in a lab, instead of mined out of the ground (not to mention, they don't contribute to global violence, etc.). I like to call them "cultured" diamonds - you know, like cultured pearls? Anyway, just thought I'd mention it as a moissanite/mined diamond alternative.

Renee said...

I have a fake. It's diamonique, from QVC. We chose it because we know it is definitely NOT a conflict diamond. And that's a relief.

Kathryn said...

Okay, so I've been doing some research, and I was wrong - the Diamond Nexus diamonds are simulants, not synthetics. BUT, there are synthetic diamonds out there that are chemically the same thing as diamonds, but made in a lab. Sorry if I got your hopes up about the Diamond Nexus ones. I still think synthetic diamonds are a great option and I cannot wait to see what you decide on! :)

Anonymous said...