Friday, October 10, 2008

Domestic Partnership Rings have been purchased!

Wow. Okay. A big DomestiGal thank you to Bekah yesterday for her wonderful post!

So, The Doctor and I finally went to Versani and bought our Domestic Partnership rings! I have to say that they're pretty fabulous and we are both very excited about them.

Of course, it took me about 2 minutes to choose the one I wanted; however, The Doctor must have spent 45 minutes choosing "the perfect" ring. He's so particular and fancy sometime -- but it's completely adorable.

You know what else is adorable?

The other day he said to me, "DomestiGal Sue, I just imagine you at 60 and me at 70, clutching each other and sobbing hysterically if we don't have kids. We should have babies."


To be honest, I haven't been in a particularly pro-baby mood. (Especially when I saw in the paper the other day that the average kid costs $250,000 BEFORE they go to college...) But, Jewish-Asian babies are just *too cute* to not have!

Okay, but back to our rings.

Do you want to see pictures of the rings we got? I mean, obviously you do.

Here you go!

This is The Doctor's Domestic Partnership Ring o' Love.

This is DomestiGal Sue's Partnership Ring o' Domesticity.

I have to say that both rings look so-so in these photos, but look like Seriously Something when you see them on our ring fingers.

And, of course, they had to special order my size 4.5 ring. The Doctor's a size 9, so he was fine.

Jen, I know you hate when I talk about fun ring stuff while you're busy sharing scary toilets and scarier fridge-space with your new dorm mates.... I'm sorry, my friend!

He he.

By the way, I certainly hope The Lawyer noticed the article in The Week magazine the other day, indicating how exponentially ridiculous the cost of diamond rings have become and how they're going to go up even more! He needs to buy your Ring of Dreams super stat!


The Betrothed.


Bekah said...

ooh very cool! im glad you found what you wanted! does the domestic partnership thing work? I mean... will you be legally married by like JP, or are you just pretty much forgoing that and committing to each other sans ceremony?

Jenn said...

Both of the rings are beautiful!!! I love them!

And congrats, putting a ring on is a public statement. :)

Kyla Bea said...

Oh very nice!!

I second Bekah's question too, inquiring minds..... = )

DomestiGals said...

Hey Bekah, Jenn and Kyla!

Thanks for your comments. I'm tres excited about the ring.

In response to your question, here in NYC being Domestic Partnered is more formal than being DPd in other states that accept this civil arrangement. You can be on the same health plan, receive similar benefits as married couples (visit them in the hospital as a spouse would have the rights to, etc.), and all items in wills can legally be transferred to your DP, as they would for married couples.


deborah said...

I agree, about cute Jewish Asian babies. Check it out