Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Name Bliss


Amazing. You and the Doctor are discussing baby names over there in NYC, while the Lawyer and I are IMing about them, literally, as I type this! Love it.

So did you guys pick anything? Are you going to do family names or just pick a name you like? I know you must be bummed that Brangelina already took "Knox Leon" - I'm sure that was at the top of your list. I must give them credit for Vivienne Marcheline, however. Gorge. And what about Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban's new baby, Sunday Rose? I kind of like that too.

We are going the family route, though subtely. No Lawyer, Jr. or anything like that. We are using last names as first names, favorite family names, abbreviated family names. I just looked up all their meanings this morning and most of them are fab! "Favored grace" is the meaning of our top girl name. I mean, can't beat that! And "pearl" is the meaning of the other, which will always remind me of my cat. I got her for Christmas when I was four, and wanted to name her "dead flower" because she was the light brown color of a flower faded and shriveled in the sun. When my mom suggested I think of other names, I thought of Pearl and then, the winner: Violet. Which is a name I actually love. Too bad I am kind of anti naming kids after pets. Though I could also say I'm naming the kid after Ben Affleck and Jen Garner's tot. She's a cutie.

For boys, we had to cross off our top pick because its meaning was "little dark one" and that sounds too ominous. But instead we found "wealthy guard," "full of goodness," and "strong protector," all of which are winners in my book.

So now I just need to get engaged, get my MBA, get married, and get knocked up! The Ring of Dreams may not be purchased, and the wedding planning may have a long way to go, but at least we've got the names figured out.



P.S. Notice I am ignoring your whole pre-nup schpiel. I mean could you BE any less romantic? I guess I get your drift, but I'd rather think about diamonds and babies. Obv.

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