Saturday, July 12, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Dearest DP,

My fabulous tan and I are back from Italy and we would just like to say: Have a baby! Have two! Hooray babies! I am soooo psyched that your biological clock has kicked back into gear. Hallelujah!

Now, back to me and my pre-engagement wedding planning. I promise no more talk of diamonds for the moment. In fact you will be thrilled to find out what I am writing to discuss today, as it is your number one favorite thing in the world (ok, maybe one and a half, just a smidge after sex in your book): FOOD!

I told you how I started looking at wedding catering sites, right? Well I basically chose two – the two with the best websites, both of which come highly recommended by the event planner at the Locale of Dreams – and have begun courting them. Which is weird for me. I am just not good in situations like this because I want to be friends with (or at least hire) everyone! I want everyone to get our business! Really, The Lawyer would be much better at this part of the wedding planning, but I am trying my best.

So anyway: wedding caterer wooing. I haven’t felt wanted this bad since – well, you can imagine. It’s fab! Basically I just emailed these two companies, telling them which foods the BF and I like and dislike, and what we envision for our menu. And then these geniuses turn our simplistic ideas (fish ‘n chips) into culinary masterpieces (scottish smoked salmon on a crisp potato gaufrette with dill sour cream, caper, and red onion compote)!

Granted, these catering proposals are not helping me stay enthusiastic about the Colossus-designed diet of protein, protein, and more protein; and these fabulous-sounding food items are all on paper and not splayed before me in a sumptuous feast; but I still feel rather regal being on the receiving end of these heavenly menus.

Will keep you posted as the proposals progress… obv.


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