Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Liabilities and Prenups

Domestic Goddess,

Thank god you're back! Now you can be the one to coo over spawning children, and I can pretend to get back to my anti-baby ways. The other day, The Doctor and I were sitting around thinking of baby names.

Oy, I think I just threw up on myself.

And last night, while I was a bit drunk, I called Scott up and said, "Let's try having a baby tonight!" But it was only temporary insanity, as I was out with co-workers and one of them just announced that his wife is pregnant. I'll let you guess who at a later moment.

For the past year, I've just thought of babies as little liabilities that run around and bother you until they're 30! Which brings me to our next Domestic Partner adventure.

The other day, we had a session with a financial adviser. This was a big deal for both of us, since money can be such a touchy subject. Carey, our adviser and now relationship therapist, said, "I don't care what anyone says. Money is a more intimate subject than sex!" At that point, I knew she was hired.

Carey, our Savior, will help us plan when we can buy an apartment and then potentially start a baby fund. I'm obsessed with this wealth vault we have, which keeps track of where all your money is in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank accounts and savings account in a side-by-side comparison and then shows you your net worth. Hot.

She asked us all these questions about being in a Domestic Partnership, and whether we ever planned to get married. I'm sure I'm the only woman she's ever had in there who is dating a doctor, makes a fraction of what he does, and says, "Not without a prenup." I know it's terribly unromantic, dear Domestic Goddess, but it's tres important in my book. Even Carey agreed and she's getting one with her finance! She said in The Doctor's field, he could be sued, and if we were married I'd be equally as liable. No thanks.

The Doctor and I have never been on the same financial page, as he's a spender and I'm a saver. I was getting really stressed out about this issue over the last two years, but now our Savior can direct (i.e. kick) him in the right direction, and I can sit back and drink my martini.


Domestic Partner

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