Friday, November 7, 2008

Diamond Ring Therapy

Uy, uy, uy.

DomestiGals, who am I?

I look at my gorgeous self in the mirror and don't even recognize me. Why, oh why, am I all of a sudden wanting a fake diamond ring? DomestiGal Sue hearts moissanite engagement rings -- all of them.

Jen, last weekend when you flew into NYC for the weekend with the rock-solid Lawyer (more on that later), did I soak up too much of your fabulous girly-ness? By the way, The Doctor and I so enjoyed watching you and your man SPLIT THREE ENTREES between the two of you.

(No comment on what Colossus, your personal trainer, must have said when he pinched the fat around your knee upon your return to the gym.)

Perhaps it's because I just returned from a Manhattan fundraiser for The Bottomless Closet, where all the usual Upper East Side women were there with their 3.5 karat blinders. Thank god I'm Asian and have slightly slanty eyes, so I can't let in too much sparkle.

Thank you, lady blogger Kathryn, for the link to the Diamond Nexus Labs. I've officially wasted the last 45 minutes staring at bling.

Ladies, which do you like the most from Diamond Nexus Labs? Of course they're all fake, and I hope they follow Jen's cardinal four F rules.

What do you think? Callisto or Gwyneth?

I think I'll try to convince The Doctor to stop cleaning behind the oven (I know, forget about the Ring of Dreams, I've got The Man of Dreams) and come and take a look at my newest choices.

Oh, and Jen, The Lawyer is looking H-O-T. I mean, I've known your fiance-to-be since 1996, and he is officially made of steel. You may be able to cut your platinum ring across his triple-tricep-whammy one day.

And you, my darling, looked stunning as usual.




michelle woo said...

Gwyneth! Haha so funny about too much sparkle getting in your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I am all about calisto...

(And all about bling at the mo. I am currently waiting on my very own. Like Sue, I never thought I wanted the bling. But now that I'm in the situation, I am oh so excited!)

Alexis M. said...

I love that Gwyneth...

I'm deciding how I feel about moissanite...I think I'm for it since I could get a blingier ring for less out of his pocket...

DomestiGals said...

Hey Michelle, Miss Button and Alexis M!

Thanks for all your feedback. I feel like I'm trying to name my first daughter, or something, with choosing between Calisto and Gwyneth.

Alexis, let us know if you decide on a moissanite. I'm pretty sure that's how I'll be leaning.

Miss Button, I love that you're thinking of getting blingier! Definitely something to talk about with Jen, rather than me! She's the expert on this.

Michelle, obv you understand my Asian comments... I mean, right?



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Triton said...

Now that I am thinking about it. You can have a ring packaged way cool, like in a bling type thing like what was said.

Anonymous said...