Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moissanites are a Girl's Best Friend...

Dude, *love* all those rings you posted about yesterday! The Doctor has been threatening to buy me jewelry for my birthday this Friday (and when he says that, he means earrings or a necklace) and I keep stressing, “Do you hear me? Do not buy me jewelry! Save your money for my moissanite ring!”

Ug, I mean, come on. I've become such a girl, the next thing you know I'll actually be going from Domestic Partnership to REAL LIVE WEDDING or something totally insane for me.

Also, how many karats do you want? I can understand this obsession of wanting something that is at least a karat. Is the Ring of Dreams The Lawyer is buying 1 karat or 2 karats? Have you instructed him on desired size?

So back to me.

It seems that Gwyneth was the clear winner from our weekend of "diamond" ring shopping for DomestiGal Sue.


Let's just look at that beauty once again.

I mean, double sigh.

Also, do you realize that this is the last Tuesday ever that I'll be posting as a 20-something?? That's right, ladies, I'm about to enter into Dirty Thirty territory! I just sent out the following birthday reminder to those unfortunate enough to be my friends here in NYC:

Hey guys,

Just a not-so-friendly-crack-of-the-whip reminder that my birthday is
this Friday and our Dance Party will be Saturday, November 15. For
those of you who get here at 8pm, you'll be fed yummy treats courtesy
Formaggio Kitchen.

Remember, lame excuses for why you're not in attendance will not be
accepted. (Not interested that you have an early morning Sunday
political protest, you can't get out of your hospital shift, you're on
your honeymoon, you're still too exhausted from campaigning for Obama
in Michigan and Pennsylvania, or that you have too much work to do for
your PhD/MBA/JD).

You should be at [my address] that evening. If it's nice out, we can party on the roof as well.

Finally, if you need any additional reasons to celebrate, Obama's going to be our next president!

(Isn't it so much more personal that I emailed this, rather than you
finding out via Facebook and Twitter?)

Thought so.

See you all Saturday!


My Real Name

Anyway, Jen, I know you just flew in to have brunch with me last weekend, but I can't wait 'til you surprise me, once again, for my 30th.

Here's to my next decade with the DomestiGals (How old are all of you, anyway?)!


Dirty Thirty Sue


bekah said...

ooo happy birthday! and that ring is definite stunner.

Alexis M. said...

Happy birthday!

I'm hangin' tough in the twenty something group at 24 years (25 in a few months).

Have you looked at other center stones besides diamonds/moissanite-diamond-looking-ones? I have been looking around, researching, and have settled on wanting aquamarine. It's still very traditional but nowadays very unique. :)

Lethie said...

Happy B-day! I'll be 26 on December 3rd.

DomestiGals said...

DomestiGal babies!

Sheesh. Now I feel like a grandma. Are there no 30-something DomestiGals out there?


Anyway, thanks Bekah, Alexis and Lethie.

Alexis, you know, The Doctor has been talking about how a ruby might look nice. I'll have to check out aquamarines! Thanks for the tip.