Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Most Gorgeous, Glorious Gown Ever


Behold my latest and greatest obsession (now that Nutella has been banned from my kitchen):

Photos courtesy of, which were courtesy of OK! Magazine.

I know you probably just threw up a little in your mouth, but be honest and try to have some fashion sense: have you ever in your life seen anything so glorious?

In case you don't know, the beacon of gorgeosity pictured above is Coleen McLoughlin, high school sweetheart and now wife of famed and fab English footballer Wayne Rooney. Coleen is a big style icon over here - a title of which I was dubious until she became Mrs. Rooney in that garment of delight and perfection.

I am shocked and disappointed that Coleen and Wayne's $10 million Wedding of the Decade has not gotten more press in the States, but then again perhaps that increases my chance of getting my hands on a dress like that before every bride in America does. I mean, not that I could afford the $200K Marchesa price tag, or that Georgina Chapman would get on her knees to make my dress by hand... but still. I. Love. That. Dress.

Just look at it in profile!


There are no words.

So yes, I was one of many who guilty forked over $6 of the BF's hard earned pound sterling to purchase last week's issue of OK! Magazine - deep guilt that was assuaged as soon as I returned home, plopped down at the kitchen table, and opened the Souvenir Special Biggest Ever Issue to the incredible pictures. That gorge Marchesa gown! The bridesmaids' white and gold Marchesa dresses and custom-made gold Christian Louboutins! The "mini-me" flower girls in tiny dresses that looked just like Coleen's! The only disappointment was the lack of other hottie English football stars in attendance. I mean if the Beckhams had been there I might have just keeled over. I'm not sure I or the rest of the world would have been prepared for such a level of fabulousness.

This dress has eclipsed my memory of anything else we were talking about. Sigh.

xoxo and Marchesa dreamz,

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