Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Booked a Date! We Booked a Date!

Dearest Wendi,

So not only is our wedding date almost a palindrome, but it's also exactly one month before my birthday. And not only is that cool in itself, but I will also still be only 28 when I get married! Woohoo!

Now is where I prepare to defend myself over the fact that I am not, quite, yet engaged. So I don't have the ring on my finger. And I haven't been officially proposed to. Because the ring has not even been purchased (and I know for a fact it has not). Whatev. You know that the BF and I are MFEO - you, after all, are responsible for our match in the first place! You knew it before I did! We just moved to London together. We have a joint checking account. We even have (adorable) names picked out for our children! And also? In case you are still going to give me crap about this? See below:

(Me diving into my MBA program in a few months)*(Having way less time to plan after September) + Planning a wedding from abroad + Booking a fabulous, popular location that is very meaningful for us = Admittedly inverse yet necessary order of operations

See? It's a mathematical fact that things had to happen this way.

The best part is that now I get to plan it! I have dreamt of my wedding my whole life. Now I can actually BUY all those bridal magazines instead of just gazing at them longingly from behind an US Weekly! I can surf all those wedding sites without being afraid the BF will see them in my web history! This is going to be fab. Ooh. I also need to decide on a ring ASAP. So much to do! TG I'm unemployed.

Just don't tell anyone, k? The BF and I are keeping this to ourselves (and you, and my cousin - she is after all the maid of honor, and probably my best married friend Sharon).

Yours in almost-engaged-bride-to-be bliss,
Your Favorite Domestic Goddess

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