Friday, June 20, 2008

All Choked Up and Nowhere to Go


Ok, first of all? I cannot believe I was not invited to your Domestic Partnership ceremony at the local post office. I mean granted I am like thousands of miles away, but still. This is momentous! And even though you probaby just wore your typical DP uniform of tank top, brown pants, and brown boots, please tell me you at least made the effort to wear your water bra. Until I hear confirmation of this, I will choose to believe it was so.

As you know, Minister, I have commenced my wedding planning with ringless elation. I am trying to take it slow, as we still have over a year before the big day, and I want to savor each and every bullet point and tickbox on's wedding planning calendar and interactive checklist. But I have a confession. And now that you're going to be our minister, you will hear my confession, right?

I just spent about an hour poring over four - count 'em - four online wedding-related photo albums for a couple I don't even know. A cute young couple from Illinois. The bride went to high school with my cousin/maid-of-honor-to-be, and so my cuz forwarded me the link in case I'd be inspired by their tasteful fall nuptials. I started with the wedding album, since it was the only one that was relevant to me. But it sucked me in. Easily. So I went back and watched all four of the albums in order, witnessing their photographic journey from engagement to wedding to reception to honeymoon. Although I felt like a bit of a voyeur during the honeymoon slideshow, so I washed the dishes. But I still let it play. And I still got choked up. Choked up looking at photos of a relationship and wedding of people I don't even know! Is that weird?

I have realized, and come to accept, that the closer I get to realizing my lifelong dream of being a bride, the more emotional I get about weddings. Real weddings, TV weddings, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I watched that one for the umpteenth time a couple weeks ago - even before the BF and I had set the date - and while I always used to choke up when the parents give that cute Nia Vardalos and Aidan (I'm sorry, but he will always be Aidan to me) a house, the other day? Tears. Streaming down my face.

And just yesterday I watched a video news clip of two lesbians, aged 84 and 87, who'd been together for 55 years, tie the knot (legally! yay!) in San Fransisco. They were totally composed and adorable. I was crying like a baby.

So there. I said it. I have become a voyeuristic crybaby wedding nut. Let's move on.


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