Thursday, June 26, 2008

Protein and Poop


I can't wait to hear about your future bowel movements (or lack thereof), with all the protein you'll be eating! Have you ever noticed how you get constipated from eating too much sushi or sashimi? If not, you'll soon discover the wonders of being all stuffed up from too much sausage. Sadly, I'm not talking about The Lawyer's.

Just remember the following before you workout: keep carbohydrates to zilch up to 2 hours before you workout. If you eat carbs (and this includes the good carbs, like apples, my friend), it signals the pancreas to secrete insulin. This is all fine and normal, but when there's insulin in your system, you can't burn fat. And, while I know you want to be shaking that fine bum for Colossus, it's imperative you burn the bubble butt your entire workout! I always work my glutes from all different directions every time I workout -- it's the largest muscle in the bod, so it'll help rev up the metabolism quickest. Plus, it just makes it so much more spankable for other activities.

In terms of how terrible you feel during your workouts, this'll all subside. When I started strength training, I wanted to knock myself out. There were times I was convinced I was going to crap my pants if I did another leg press. But now I can press 600 pounds and discuss whether we should raise interest rates to help the US Dollar with no problems whatsoever! Speaking of leg pressing, the other day I watched this woman do the leg press with her poodle on her lap and her trainer by her side. Ah, New York.

Keep pushin' on the pot and on the weight, DG!



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