Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheap NYC Weddings

The Doctor and I have been debating whether or not we should go ahead and have a more formal Domestic Partnership ceremony for our families (read: Our Mothers).

We actually walked around Manhattan the other day, in search of the perfect community garden to have a small ceremony for my immediate family and his.
I'm not sure why I couldn't find any information on the web about cheap NYC weddings, but I think I have a few recommendations.

Contact your local community gardens
A few of them charge around $100, and most are free!

There are so many gorgeous community gardens in NYC, and, as an aside, I forgot to tell people that The Doctor and I are going to become Urban Beekeepers in one of them! He has been obsessed with bees and honey for a while, so we're actually partnering with an urban collective in Brooklyn to become their garden beekeepers. I just can't wait to bond with our Queen Bee and help her boss around all the Workers (they're the female bees, basically her ladies-in-waiting) and the Drones (they're the Dudes).

Look! I mean, kind of hilarious that I'll eventually be looking hot wearing a white beekeeper outfit and not a white wedding dress.

Photo courtesy

Sorry, I just have a really hard time focusing on talking about weddings. Honestly, I'd rather be talking about bees.

All right, so I'll share more How to Have a Cheap NYC wedding in my next post, but, I'm curious... how were all our ladies in DomestiGal land able to reduce costs for your weddings?

Did you refrain from getting your engagement-ring-of dreams?
Did you have just beer and wine instead of a full bar?

We're dying to hear from you! Plus, as we all know, Jen is currently planning her wedding (amidst studying finance and stats) and I'm sure she would love to hear some of your wedding tips.


Beekeeper Sue


Bekah said...

our venue only allowed beer and that solved that issue and it was much cheaper.

My dad is a pastor and he performed our ceremony, i realize not everyone has that option but it did save $$.

umm...let me think...oh, we had the groomsmen wear their own stuff, navy pants, white shirt, we bought them just suspenders (i know that sounds WEIRD, but it was cute) so that saved them $.

I kinda forget already. Oh I did all the flower arrangements, so that was only $800 for 6 bouquets, 4 nosegays(for moms and gmas) bouts, and centerpieces, plus other random flower stuff.

It was a really casual wedding so Im not sure how these things would work for someone having a more formal shindig.

Kelly O said...

Our wedding was very inexpensive. We used a relatively new caterer who was excited about the opportunity to get her name out, and did a fabulous job. I got my dress from a place online that sells prom dresses, and found something in my size for less than $80. We only had a few flowers, since we got married at Christmas and the church was already decorated.

Oh, and we kept the guest list very small.We'd both had big weddings before anyway, but it was much more relaxing.