Friday, October 24, 2008

Honeymoon of Dreams

Hulk Jen,

I *love* that you are part of the Powerlifting Club. I mean, of course you are. Are you making all the Brits look like fried weenies? I bet you can drink them into the ground too! I think you should definitely start joining competitions. Don't you think you could make enough money (as obviously you would win, duh) to pay for your Honeymoon of Dreams?

I realize you and The Lawyer have romanced your way around Germany, Italy and who knows where else this year... but what are your thoughts on the Honeymoon destination?

One of me and The Doctor's good friends is living in Palau this year.

We thought we could do a stopover in Palau after visiting and being criticized by my relatives in Taiwan. Nothing like a fake-honeymoon with the relatives. (By the way, did I ever mention that my parents went on their honeymoon to Japan with my dad's parents? Lord knows how they've stayed married for 30+ years after that!)

DomestiGals, where have the rest of you honeymooned? If you aren't married or Domestic Partnered yet, where are you planning on getting married?


DomestiGal Sue


Caz said...

Where am I planning on getting married? No fricken clue. Probably either Toronto or Melbourne, with the possibility of Vancouver thrown in... It's a long long way off and obvs dependent on our living situation at the time. Who knows...

As for a honeymoon? Probably just somewhere on our long long list of places to visit. I think it'd be cool to take an entire month and travel through Africa or something...

Bekah said...

honeymoon planning was my favorite part of the planning process. we went to Barcelona, Spain for ours, it was awesome. We met in the Dominican Republic so we didnt want to go to an island, Barcelona was great for us! Palau looks incredible!

Kyla Bea said...

This is the only part of the wedding that didn't come through - and I think the word to describe how I feel about it is definitely bitter.

For no reason that I can discern my work would only give me 3 days off for the wedding, and definitely didn't get a honeymoon. The only thing I would change if I could is this.

disa said...

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