Monday, October 6, 2008

Home Sweet Dorm Room

Greetings, dearest Sue, from my new home!

Ah yes. Dorm Sweet Dorm.

I have now been in my new dorm room for a week, and fortunately my domestic goddessness has inspired me to make it as homey as I possibly can, considering the stained carpet, mildewy bathroom, and very white walls that we are, alas, not allowed to decorate (though I think I could get away with those cute vinyl wall decals everyone has these days - Gals in the blogosphere, any suggestions?).

So, wanna see where I live? (You know you do.) Here I am:


No, not in the church. That's the belltower that wakes me up every morning. The chalet-looking structure beneath it is my dorm. Picturesque, eh?

So, you know, it's fine. I mean, being away from The Lawyer absolutely completely totally sucks. But at the same time I know this is an important year for me, and I am determined to get as much as I can out of this program and out of my life here.

The Lawyer, for his part, has been A to the Mazing throughout all of this. He gave me a bunch of dormwarming presents, including some college paraphernalia (you know I heart paraphernalia); bridal mags for bedside reading (YES! He went out and bought me bridal mags! That is right up there with buying tampons! I am a lucky girl.); two beautiful orchids - my fave flower; and some champagne. But! The best, most amazing gift he got me is... well, see for yourself:


Aw yeah dawg! That there is a hand-held DYSON, baby! I mean does The Lawyer know me or what?

Now that I have a Dyson, this place truly feels like home.

(Just don't get me started on how gross it is sharing a kitchen with grad students...)



DomestiGrad Jen


Bekah said...

wow! he sounds a totally man-hot way.

Kyla Bea said...

LOL The Dyson picture is AMAZING, that's so you!

With two actively shedding puppies I completely see the upside to the never losing suction thing. Definitely contemplating.

That's crazy that you're living on campus, what a change of pace! Hope it's treating you well!

brandy said...

Ahh seriously? Your campus is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure my campus had it's charm, but when I was in university I was often too busy thinking about school or men or parties to really appreciate it. Whoa, that's so depressing when I think about it. I miss school.

Also? Any man who buys bridal magazines is a good man to me. Well done!

michelle woo said...

Aww, he bought bridal mags? Definitely a keeper =) I've never bought vinyl wall decals but there are some super cute ones on etsy. Let me know if you need help tracking them down!

DomestiGals said...

Aw, thank you ladies! I feel very lucky indeed - both to have the beautiful campus and the wonderful man :-) Now if only I can survive my Corporate Finance class...