Monday, October 20, 2008

Ex-Homemaker Seeks Solace

Hello Sue!

So I am horrified to report that I will be slaving away to complete - and possibly, very possibly, even pass - a business statistics exam today. How heinous is that? Makes me long for my Domestic Goddess days more than ever...

Speaking of which, check out the fab tea towel I spotted this past weekend at this A to the Dorable store in London called Emma Bridgewater:


Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

But I didn't buy it. I just stared longingly and snapped that quick pic with my iPhone. 


Is it pathetic that I miss homemaking? I mean, here I am in this worldly MBA program, surrounded by some of the brightest people I have ever encountered, and I am missing doing the dishes, doing the laundry. Not to mention my Dyson! 


I suppose that I long for those simpler days because MBAland could not be located at more of an opposite pole than Domestic Goddessville. And that's okay. I am a career woman, after all. (If by "career woman" I mean "wanting to make as much money as quickly as possible so I can support The Lawyer in his early retirement and raise our family and learn to make pottery and live happily ever after, Dysoning to my heart's content.") I may not rock this exam today - especially since yesterday was my birthday and really? Who studies stats on her birthday? - but I will rock this program in my own way, just as I rocked my Domestic Goddess days.

So Sue, and gals out there, please hand-wash a mug for me today. Do a load of delicates, hang them on the clothesline, and know that I would be by your side handing you your undies in a heartbeat.

With love and a brainful of statistical mush,



The Lawyer said...

When did you ever hang anything on a clothes line?

DomestiGals said...

Aaaaahh! Caught in a minor fib by The Lawyer himself! Ack! Blushing, Jen