Friday, October 3, 2008

If DomestiGal Sue ever got Married...

First of all, a big DomestiGal shout-out to Caz for her guest post yesterday!

Secondly, I've decided to play a game called "If Hell Ever Froze Over and DomestiGal Sue decided to get married..."

If Domestigal Sue decided to go from Domestic Partnership land to Bridezilla status, she would definitely wear this:

Photo courtesy

Okay, seriously. Just kidding. I only thought this picture was hilarious. What's an Asian girl doing wearing pearls? It's way too waspy for me. Also, what's with the pink bow?

Next, I would want this figure -- the Asian Micro Dwarf -- put atop my wedding cake.

Photo courtesy MicroDwarf

I mean, I don't even have words. Is this a total joke? Do people put this on top of their wedding cakes because it was labeled for Chinese brides?!

I would be insulted, except for the fact that I identify as half-Taiwanese, not Chinese.

As a good Asian, I would subsequently play a game of Pass the Seaweed:

Finally, I would send in this pose to the Sunday New York Times Wedding Section, obviously without The Doctor:

Photo courtesy

I *love* those women who send in pictures of just themselves to the Sunday New York Times. Are their husbands so ugly that they can't think of including them? (Mind you, I'll just ignore the fact that this is the most un-bridelike photo I have ever seen; that said, Jen, I'm going to make you pose like this at your wedding.)

The Doctor and I would be put in the New York Times as the token Asian/Jewish couple. There's one every Sunday.


Sunday Times Sue

PS: Even writing this post gave me bad flashbacks. The last Asian wedding I went to was one of the weirdest experiences ever. My sisters and I were in Taiwan, and we were paraded around with the bride and groom at the reception - when they're saying hi to all the seated guests - because we were different (read "Halfie") looking.

Um, we didn't even know the bride and groom. I think they were friends with one of my aunts, and, frankly, I'm still confused by the whole situation.


Bekah said...

because we were different (read "Halfie") looking.

NO WAY! really? cause i was asked to attend a wedding in the dominican republic and Im fairly certain that it is because i would be the only white person there (i.e. different) so weird..

I love to adamantly uninterested you are in having a wedding. it cracks me up!

DomestiGals said...

Hey Bekah!

That's hilarious that you were asked to attend a wedding in the DR. Did you end up going? I'm telling you, my sisters and I were literally led by our hands and introduced to over 25 tables. I don't think we were dressed very appropriately either. Actually, I was probably in my staple jeans and tank top.


Pretty Bride said...

ohhh that top dress is so pretty...