Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seriously? How will Jen be a hot bride...

When faced with constant free meals like this:


This was the scene at a recent MBA barbeque/fatty gorgefest.

I mean COME ON PEOPLE. If it's not the boozing that will kill my wedding figure, it's the meat. Lots and lots of meat. Meat everywhere. And not healthy meat, either! And because I'm a poor grad student I have no choice, I MUST EAT IT. I MUST EAT THE FREE FOOD.

Sigh. As if post-workout puking weren't enough of a lesson... Colossus would have my head if he ever learned of the true deterioration of my diet.

Sue! How will I be able to get through this year without either a) going broke because I'm trying to buy healthy food, or b) gaining a zillion pounds and busting out of my Wedding Dress of Dreams? And which is worse?

At least Nutella never comes free.



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