Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Parents Schmarents

Hello Sue my love!

It is late here. And I may have had a few too many drinks tonight, only to come home to see your post about the 'rents meeting.

And it got me thinking... once I finished cracking up - because seriously? A sushi party? That is BEYOND.

But first, let me explain about my somewhat inebriated state. Tonight was a big night for me and my fellow MBAs who are in my college here at uni. (How British do I sound?!) Basically, my MBA class (and everyone else here) are divided among small colleges that make up the university. And each college has its own matriculation ceremony to officially welcome each new student to the college and uni. And there was lots of alcohol. The end.

So anyway, I kind of can't even believe that you are having the fam all meet each other over that most hallowed of American holidays (if only because of the pie and booze), Thanksgiving. That is intense!

I, on the other hand, would never even fathom having my father meet The Lawyer's father. No no. They will not meet until our wedding day, and even then we will seat them as far away as possible. I mean, I love them both as individuals, but The Lawyer and I also know that they will detest each other... so we are not rushing into any kind of introduction any time soon.

Is that weird? Or is your situation weird? LADIES! We DomestiGals need your input! Have you ever introduced your parents to your significant other's parents? If so, how did it go? If not, why not? We need deets stat.

If only - speaking of stats - to distract me from my statistics exam studying...

Big love,



Caz said...

Haven't introduced the parents yet (across the world makes it easy to avoid) but now mine are coming to visit in Feb so the introductions are inevitable.

I'm sure they'll get along fine, but it still makes me freak out with worry on a fairly daily basis.

Looking forward to hearing how yours goes.

michelle woo said...

Our parents haven't met and they live less than 15 minutes apart! I really have no good reason why. Both sets are friendly and easily to like. Maybe because they would feel awkward meeting because we're not engaged. Who knows? People do think it's kind of weird that they haven't met. Should they meet? I don't know!

ifmusicbe said...

i've met his Mum in passing (and his sister) but he's not met any of my family yet, never mind our families meeting each other. It's made more difficult by the fact that both our parents are divorced and there are all those other partners to account for and everything. It'll happen sometime.

Downbeat said...

Our parents met pretty early on. His parents had my mother up for dinner when she was in town. She lives in Disney World, so they hung out when they went down there for vacation. They like each other a lot. I've met most of his family, however, between a bunch of family weddings and their family being inordinately close. He, however, has only met a few choice members of my family, and is meeting most of the rest of them at Thanksgiving this year. I'm *super* nervous.