Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Gladiator Comes Home

Dearest Fat Obsessin' and Biological Clock-Rejectin' Sue,

17%?! You are insane!! I always knew you were hot and have always envied your concave tummy, but DAMN GAL!

For my part, since working out with and getting my knees pinched by Colossus, I have gone from 25.5% down to 20%, where I am currently attempting to stay despite my MBoozeA lifestyle. We shall see. At this point though, between my ever-increasing fondness for Colossus and the ever-decreasing time before I have to fit into my wedding dress of dreams, I have a feeling I will be able to stick to my good workout regimen. 

In other Colossus-related news... guard your loins, ladies!

Baby Gladiator hath arrived into the United Kingdom! This is very exciting. Not only because Colossus and family can begin their life here at last, but also because it gives me an excuse to go back to Cath Kidston for more baby goodies!

I mean, right?

Let me explain. Baby Gladiator was born outside the UK because apparently the maternity care here blows (GREAT. Not that this is about me...). Obv Baby and BabyMama had to wait awhile before Baby Gladiator could fly home. But now the family is together at last.

But back to shopping. If you recall, The Lawyer and I purchased two ridiculously adorable items for Baby Gladiator in Cath's cowboy print. Well! Look at what else she has! I might not be able to resist! After all, BG's first birthday is still an awfully long way away...

A cowboy bear! How cute is this?!

Or how about this:

A "pram blanket" as they call it here. Seriously? I am becoming obsessed with Brit baby lingo.

My ultimate favorite, though, is this:

Oh. Yes. The Cowboy Nappy Bag. But BabyMama can't have it. I've already got dibs.


Biological Clock-Rejoicin' Jen

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Jenn said...

Brit baby lingo is the best, I agree! I had no idea what nappies were until the second season of Footballers Wives. :)