Monday, October 27, 2008

Fitness: How Far is Too Far?

Hello Non-Honeymoonin' Sue!

Palau is hot. The Lawyer and I have been thinking about our honeymoon but have not been able to even really narrow down our list - there is too much to see! However I have decided that, wherever we go, we will end our honeymoon in Munich for Oktoberfest. I mean obv I will not miss the perfect chance to spend a little more time with my ancestors... remember these dudes?


If they don't ooze "romantic honeymoon" I don't know who does!

Though frankly the thought of drinking lots of beer makes me feel a little ill right now, because I am still recovering from my session with Colossus yesterday. During which I puked my guts out (if you will recall from my tweet).

Now if I do recall, you recently made a friend of yours honk, correct? Ahem, if I may quote you directly from your tweet: "Sue went to the gym with her friend, Kat, and put her through Sue's strength training routine. Kat threw up. Poor Kat. Mean Sue."

All this exercise-induced hurling as got me thinking. Are we going too far? Pushing ourselves too hard? How hard is too hard? (MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, SUE! I MEAN FIGURATIVELY HARD!)

Granted, I probably should not have eaten a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, and sausage yesterday a mere few hours before my workout. And it was the first real workout I'd done with Colossus in awhile, and he basically put me through a death circuit. But still. I am not thrilled to have honked.

Sue, what are your thoughts on workout-related vomit? 

Gals in the blogosphere, have you ever been pushed to these ridiculous limits? Or are Sue and I just insane?

Off to drink some more tummy-calming tea...


DomestiGal Jen


Jenn said...

For me vomiting is too far. Way too far. Plus it's gross.

Caz said...

For me vomiting is way too far. But then again it takes me A LOT to vomit. Back in high school I took karate and went for my black belt. Even a 20 hour (yes! 2 10 hour days!) grading including hours of sparring, running 10km, thousands of sit ups, push up, kicks, punches and combos didn't make me puke. A lot of other people did though.

In all honesty I think my legs would literally give out before I physically puked. It must be subjective... some people puke really easily (friends of mine) and then just go back to whatever activity they were doing before hand.

Personally, I think after puking you get a free pass to stop said activity. But I know I'd need one if I ever puked from exercise.