Friday, August 29, 2008

Babies! Babies Walking and Babies Crawling!

Dear Domestic Goddess Jen,

We both have babies on the brain today!

You see, sometimes I can be sensitive. (If one considers talking about babies walking and babies crawling to be "sensitive"). I was just out shopping for baby gifts for something special for my lil' friend, Jane.

Jane is maybe the cutest baby ever! (Aside from my future children, and perhaps yours, of course). She's only 13 months, but I've seen her once a week ever since she was a couple of days old. She's calling everyone "mama" recently, is waving to strangers like she's the NYC Welcoming Committee, and has this funky tripedal walk where she uses both hands and then one foot and the other knee in order to get from one place to another.

Jane's such a cute little turkey!

Then, of course, last weekend I was at a work function with The Doctor and all of his fellow pediatric buddies. There must have been about 10 different babies there, and each one was more delicious than the next one. I got to hold a 7 month old 15 pound pork chop for about 2 hours and really, really, really wanted to steal him at the end of the night.

Okay, bleh, enough.

I was just wondering if any of our DomestiGals out there are pregnant and about to pop? Or, do you already have your own little Welcoming Committee?

Better yet, don't you want to see pictures of everybody's little dumpling? Let's just turn on the Brag Alert and let everyone post babies of their favorite babies ever!


Domestic Partner Sue (whose biological clock has temporarily been kidnapped by Domestic Goddess Jen!)

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Bekah said...

ok well ill start this off. I am not expecting to have children anytime within the next two years..minimum..Im not a clown car people!

but my big sister is. Well, shes not a clown car, i didnt mean THAT, but she is pregnant...due valentines day...if thats not sickeningly sweet i dont know what is.

and here is my fav baby. she will be one this week. My cousin, Juliette.

Sorry i dont have my own pic to post.

her mommas all cool and artsy and takes awesome pics like that.