Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking News from Londontown!


So this weekend has the potential for true momentousness, as I JUST found out!

The Lawyer and I are running the Nike+ Human Race in London this weekend - an amazing race that is happening on Sunday in cities and countries all over the world. Apparently there are like a million people running. (Any other gals out there running this one?) So cool.

What's cooler? Wayne Rooney is running it too! Yes! Mr. Coleen McLoughlin of the Marchesa Wedding Dress of Dreams will be at Wembley with us on Sunday!

Remember that dress? That spectacular, amazing, gorgeous concoction of a wedding gown that she wore in June? Here's a refresher:

Photo courtesy of

Sigh. Heavenly.

Of course, while everyone else in the stadium (including The Lawyer) is keeping their eyes peeled for Wayne, I will be on the lookout for Coleen. I mean she seems like a fit gal - or WAG, as they call her on this side of the pond - she should be running too, right?

I will keep you posted. Obv. Have a great weekend!


P.S. Would love to hear other thoughts about that dress from you gals in the blogosphere! I mean I could never pull it off in reality, but I think she totally did, and I also think the dress itself is a gorgeous piece of high fashion. Thoughts? (Because I already know it makes Sue throw up a little in her mouth.)


Kathryn said...

I mean, if you're going to wear a cupcake dress, it might as well be unique and totally couture.

Renee said...

I'm usually not a fan of dresses like these ("cupcake dress" is brilliant, Kathryn!) but I realllly like this one. Very fun and unique.

michellewoo said...

A little too frilly for my tastes. Reminds me of shredded Kleenex. But for the uber-girlie-girl, I think it works. She'd feel very princess-y.

Jamie said...

beautiful, breathtaking dress! for her.

{amy lynn} said...

it makes me wonder if someday you - she - whoever wears this dress - will look back at the pictures and cringe with disbelief. kind of like those old 80's dresses with the poofy sleeves and big hair. seemed like a good idea at the time...

Bayjb said...

Oh my god that dress is amazing. The bottom looks like TIssue, but the nice kind :)

Good luck with the race this weekend!