Friday, August 15, 2008

Ode to Dy


Every trace of the teenagers is gone!  Phew!  Bless my Dyson.  My house is mine again.  Of course, that means I need to buckle down and actually be a little bit productive.  I fear, with the arrival of my pre-MBA course reading and career services preparation (that I have been informed in no subtle way is "COMPULSORY" - whoa! Settle down, folks!), that my lady of leisure days are drawing to a close.  Horrifying.  Seriously.

But I will not go quietly!  I will continue to plan my wedding despite the lack of an engagement ring!  I will strive to be the best Domestic Goddess I can be despite the fact that I will soon assume another, much less fabulous title of "grad student"!  Most importantly of all, I will remain dedicated to my Dyson and the dust-free, teenage grit-free environment it provides.

In fact, so enthused am I about my Dyson that I came up with a little ditty today (with kudos to Beethoven, obv)...

Ahem.  Here goes.

Ode to Dy

Dyson, Dyson
I adore Thee
God of Suction
Lord of Clean
Bunnies of dust flee before Thee
Hail Thee to the homey gleam 

Suck the dirt of jogs and errands 
Rid the house of my hairballs
Not that I have grody split-ends
But they add up 'gainst the walls

Housewives join the mighty chorus
Which the morning tasks began
Dyson love is reigning o'er us
Vacuum love leaves time to tan

Ever cleaning march we onward
Fabulous in the name of "wife"
Joyful suction brings us sun-ward
In the triumph song of life

I have too much free time.  I know.  And I am cherishing every second of it.


Jen, the Domestic Goddess 4evah!

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mshelle said...

I love, love, love(!) my Dyson too! Especially with two dogs. Glad to know that I am not the only one out there with a semi crush on my vacuum cleaner! :)