Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Partnership Rings: Right Hand to Left Hand

Dearest Jen,

Please confirm that those Brits really do wear their engagement/wedding/partnership rings on their right hands. I don't want all our European readers to be confused from my blog post title.

Today, the Doctor told me that he was experimenting and wearing his usual "ring-finger" ring on his left hand (in the States, the wedding hand... in India, the hand you wipe your ass with, but I digress). Anyway, it was tres cute to hear. He asked that I move my fancy-looking ring that I wear on my right hand and move it to my left as well, to "see what it's like" as he found it to be rather powerful.

I think he's just feeling sensitive and cutesy, as we just spent a fabulous weekend with my family up in the country. We went hiking, wine-tasting, cheered at the tractor-pull (hello, I'm from farm-country), and got harassed by my mother.

The priceless conversation I had with my Asian mother this past weekend included the following:

Judgemental Asian Mother (JAM): "So, what form of birth control do you guys use?"
Horrified Domestic Partner Daughter (HDPD): "What did you ask?"
JAM: "You heard me. What kind of birth control do you use?"
HDPD: "Ma, please!"
JAM: "I'm just wondering, Sue. Mama loves you and wants to know."
HDPD: (Lying) "Condoms." (Ahem, we don't really, but I had to make up something.)
JAM: "Oh, terrific! You know, you three girls were all condom babies, which means you may accidentally get pregnant! Hurrah!"

So, apparently it's fine by my rather-conservative Asian mother that I get knocked up since we're in a Domestic Partnership. In fact, I can just imagine her praying to her buddhas every night that I get a buddha-belly stat.

I must say that reading your post about housing teenage girls for the next couple of days is the best form of birth control out there.


Mother of a Future Bastard Child

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