Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Engagement Ring Feedback Required


Big engagement news! No, not mine. It may still be in the wee hours of the morning over there in NYC, but rest assured if The Lawyer had popped the question with the Ring of Dreams, you would have heard my shrieks of joy from here.

But big news nonetheless: a fellow lady of leisure friend here in London just got engaged to her beau! Very exciting. They are currently away on vacay in a romantical location perfect for question-popping, so I will have to wait to hear all the details. The Lawyer and I have very different guesses about her ring - and in fact we took a bet on what it looks like. Questions abound. Did he surprise her, or had they discussed what she wanted? Trendy or classic? Mayjah bling or refined rock? Super-sparkly (i.e. round brilliant or cushion cut) or geometric elegance (i.e. emerald or asscher cut)?

Seeing as you have um, undeveloped taste in nice jewelry, Sue, I thought I would pose a couple of questions to our readers. 

Gals out there in the blogosphere! It is time to let your blingpinions be heard!

For those of you DomestiGals who are happily engaged or married, take a lingering look at the rock on your finger and tell us: how much say did you have in its selection? Did you decide to aim for current trends (micropavĂ©, vintage/retro, non-traditional center stone, etc.) or stick with a timeless design (round solitaire)? 

For those of you Domestic Divas who are dating, dominating, and maybe thinking about your own Ring of Dreams: how much do you want to participate in the engagement ring search? Do you already know what you want or will you leave it up to your man? If you had to choose, what would be your Ring of Dreams?

Please, ladies, share your thoughts. We all know Sue is just not up for this sort of dialogue, and my friend's engagement has me going girly-girl ring crazy over here!




legallyheidi said...

mine is perfect :) It's a one karat solitaire diamond with a four pronged setting, on a platinum band. The diamond itself is an old european cut - so it's hand crafted thus has more glitter :) Fiancé knew what i wanted and he did pretty darn good picking it out :)

Jessica said...

My diamond is from my mom's engagement ring. My fiance proposed with her solitaire and then we took it to a gemologist to have it customized. He left the design completely up to me, so I opted for a three stone ring with rubies on either side of the diamond.

So really, neither of us had any say in the diamond itself, but it means more to me to have a family heirloom than to have anything I would have picked out.

About Jen, Domestic Goddess said...

Wow! It is so much fun to hear about these rings :-)

Heidi - Your ring sounds so classic, and I love the extra sparkle factor. And you were ok letting your fiance get it for you? I fear I'm becoming too much of a ring micromanager...

Jessica - What a lovely idea! If the marriages in my family had worked out a little better, I would totally want to use an heirloom stone. How did you decide on rubies? I went to your blog and saw a photo of the ring - gorgeous!

Bekah said...

He chose my engagement ring on his own, its perfect. I had no idea what he would choose, and after he proposed i forgot to look at it anyway, I was so excited. He had to remind me to look. I was blown away. three round brilliant cut diamonds in white gold. The setting also pretty unique but i dont know how to describe it. He also chose my wedding band, I had a say in it, but ultimately it was one he picked. Its simple, but lovely. Its an eternity band. We didnt want anything too trendy, because in five years it will just be dated. And dated is not a quality we were looking for in rings i'll be wearing for the rest of my life.

Renee said...

I sent my beau links to rings I wanted... so he ultimately chose but I had a lot of say. And now apparently, it's sitting in the closet because he hasn't decided to give it to me yet. So I'll let you know which one it is, I guess. Haha.

Jessica said...

Jen - Thanks! I've always loved both rubies and sapphires paired with diamonds. I opted for rubies because red is my favorite color and I tend to wear it a lot.

Lovely Blogger said...

My ring is actually my great grandmothers... I told my fiance not to buy me one (why waste the money when I get a 3 karot heirloom for free!)


{amy lynn} said...

i love talking about my ring... he wanted to get me a big ol' rock...but i really wanted a simple..tiffany wedding band. there are 7 beautiful diamonds running along the top. it's perfect for me...not to flashy, simple, yet classic. don't worry...there is a method to my madness! i plan on stacking my finger up with beautiful eternity bands for the years to come. :)

Alexis M. said...

Not engaged...yet...

But I know what I like and the type of thing I want and my mom does too, so he can ask for her help when the time comes and still surprise me.

Actually, I know exactly the ring I want...so she can just point to it. ;)