Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DomestiGals Heart... Design-Her Gals!

Photobucket Dear Sue,

You may have noticed a cute, clever addition to our site today which also happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to us! Our new image is courtesy of Design-Her Gals - and I do mean courtesy, because they helped us with the design and site integration every step of the way! (Well, except for the outfits and accessories. That was all me. Obv. I mean if I could find a wedding dress that looks like that in real life, I'd be set!)

Click on the image and you will be whisked away to their fabulous site, where you can design lots of different gals (it gets addictive - watch out!) and then make them into cute products like stationery, business cards (or, in my case, calling cards), to do lists, letterhead, you name it! You can design things for you or for someone else. Ooh! They would make perfect gifts for the ladies in my wedding party! Must remember that.

But enough about me. The best part about Design-Her Gals products is that 5% of every sale goes to the Gal To Gal Foundation, which supports stage IV breast cancer patients and their families. Women looking out for each other - what is better than that?



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