Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dooce Indeed!

Dude.  I LOVE Dooce! (Obv.)

This is a revelation!  Something we actually have in common!!  I never thought you'd be interested in a blog about a mom and her kid and her husband - alas, Sue, to hear that you are a fellow admirer of Heather B. Armstrong has warmed my heart.

And, I mean, could her daughter Leta be any more adorable?  Wait - don't answer that unless you are currently in a pro-baby phase.  You switch between pro-baby and anti-spawn so fast I can never keep track.  It was rhetorical anyway because the answer is NO, that kid could not be any more gorgeous.  I love how Heather B. Armstrong (sounds so professional, eh? Makes me wish I had a middle initial... or a maiden name) quotes conversations she's had with Leta.  But my favorite thing about Dooce is how Heather writes a letter to Leta every month.  Totally inspiring and heartwarming.  To those of us with active biological clocks, anyway.

Which brings me to my next point!  Just in case you thought I was joking about strolling for strollers in No.Hill... I took this photo with my iPhone a few hours ago:


Yes, that says "the pram shop."  Have I made you lose your lunch?

Lots of love to the lunch-lost lady,


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