Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alternative Wedding Rings -- Sue needs help!

Dear DomestiGal Jen (and all our other wonderful DomestiGals who commented on yesterday's post -- Renee, Kyla and Michelle... I know I'm missing some of you ladies!)

I love your idea of having donations to you and The Lawyer's favorite charities! I must say, the few friends of mine who've actually had a wedding do this exact same thing as well! I think it's one of the most moving and memorable things that you can do for a wedding. As your future minister, I give my Official DomestiGal Seal of Approval!

As for the bridal mag craft project, I can't say it's how I'd spend my time, but I think it's the perfect task for a Domestic Goddess.

Of course, now I must do a shameless plug for me and my friend's non-profit... forgive me, DomestiGals, but I must, I must! It's called Smiles Across the Miles, and we provide medical and dental supplies to pediatric patients and orphanages in Bolivia.

Okay, now for an extreme change in topic.

So here's the deal.

The Doctor keeps harassing me over what kind of partnership band I want and I just don't know what to do. I mean, I'm not exactly the diamond-wearing-type. If I ever leave my house in something other than a tank top and jeans, friends and colleagues of mine don't recognize me.

So, what should I get? Did any of our DomestiGals out there get something other than a diamond ring??

Here are some sites that I have looked at. Jen, do you like any of them? Seriously, if I could afford a personal shopper, I would just put her to work.

There's this place in Brooklyn, NY called The Clay Pot which has a lot of beautiful items. They are a bit too expensive for my taste (i.e., they cost more than $100/ring... Hey, I'm stingy), but let me know your thoughts.

It's by Marian Maurer and called the Laurie Band. I know it's a bit plain for your taste. I mean, you're looking for a diamond that acts as a ship's headlights for a boat ride from NYC to London, but this is me we're talking about.

What about this one? It's called the Matsu Organic Band.

Yikes! I'm bored after spending 5 minutes researching rings. Any suggestions from other DomestiGals about fun, funky wedding rings?


Size 4.5 ring-finger Sue


Kathryn said...

Sarah Perlis is one of my favorites - she has really beautiful and unique pieces.

Bekah said...

really? size 4.5? wow little hands!

I dont know...matt and I looked into other stones but it seemed weird to have a gemstone ring....Im a jeans and tee type girl as well, I was petrified to wear my ring after I saw it, but I find that I dont even notice it on my finger anymore

I told him Id be more than happy with a plain band, we also liked Claddaugh rings, they are an obvious symbol of commitment, but not neccessarily a wedding least not here.

Im not wild abour your picks ONLY because they look like a ring you could have just stuck on your ring finger for a day. Keep in mind that is just my opinion and it doesnt really matter. But that is my .02

Question - are you into vintage stuff? My sisters weddining and e ring are old estate pieces, really awesome and totally different than your average ering. Looks more like a dainty class ring if that makes sense.

Bayjb said...

I really like the Laurie band. It's simple but feminine and classic. I like it a lot.

Renee said...

Aww I'm a size 5... yay little hands!

I've requested a gemstone or a simulated diamond for my eng. ring because we just don't trust diamonds. I'm also planning on buying an engagement ring for the beau, too. I'm all about equality! As far as a partnership band (LOVE that phrase), I think that organic band is gorgeous. I'm thinking I'll opt for something simple but unique. We'll see. Check out for some really unique handmade rings. I found some awesome stuff the other day!