Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You, NY Fashion Week!


I know you know I am quite the fashionista. Need I mention again that my super-fabulous-anniversary-gift bag was carried by Georgina on Gossip Girl? Last week was thus a gleeful one, as I spent (too many) hours a day combing through slideshows from New York Fashion Week. Every NYFW, my friend Sharon and I send each other an album of our faves every day, and at the end of the week we send each other a "Best Of" album. Though frankly this season was such a fugfest that we are also creating "Worst Of" albums to exchange.

But back to the fabulous.

I am thrilled (as thrilled as my mom's bank account is grief-stricken) to announce that I have found all my wedding outfits! In my dreams anyway.


For my rehearsal:
This and all photos in this post via's amazing slide shows. Check 'em out!

Nanette Lepore is a go-to for feminine, figure-flattering dresses. I love how comfy this dress looks. Plus, the straplessness will help me acclimate (I hardly ever go strapless but will for my wedding day!) and I love the flecks of orange.

For my rehearsal dinner:

Yessssss! Thank you, Hervé Léger, for creating an uberhot dress in my wedding color palette! Or at least the palette that is the front-runner for now: orange and pewter. Hot hot hot. Being able to rock a dress like this would make all my Colossal Ass-Handings more than worth it!

My Wedding Dress of Dreams:

Just kidding. Obv. But really, Betsey Johnson? Why? Why do you make a farce of my sacred Fashion Week? I do not understand you, and I am beginning to resent you. Not to mention that your show this season included pirates. I know you're quirky but come ON, lady!

Ok so here is My Wedding Dress of Dreams For Real:

Ah yes, Luca Luca. You are the hotness. The class. The fabulosity. The gorgeosity. I would do very bad things for this dress. 

And finally, for my wedding post-party:
An unconventional choice for me, to be sure, but I love this dress by Derek Lam. It looks super comfy and it sparkles. Perfect to party on after an evening of eating, drinking, and dancing with my new hubby (!!!). Need I say more? 

A girl can dream.

Yours in imagined couture,

Domestic Goddess Jen


Bekah said...

I love your choices! the wedding post party dress...good choice. Mine was unconventional as well. it had a good way. I know what you are thinking...feathers=drag queen. No really, it was cute. I ended up not wearing it because i just didnt want to take my wedding dress off ...but still.

Bayjb said...

Your wedding dress of dreams (the real one) is absolutely gorgeous. The rehearsal is gorgeous too.