Thursday, September 25, 2008

DomestiGals Welcome Fit Bottomed Girls!

We would like to give the warmest of DomestiGal welcomes to our first guest writers, Jenn and Erin from Fit Bottomed Girls. They had us at "Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk," but we were delighted to find that their blog is chock full of fantastic and motivational fitness info.

The Fit Bottomed Girls are two regular girls who don't take anything too seriously—including fitness. While Erin has years of workout experience and is well versed in fitness news and trends, Jenn has several fitness credentials including being certified as a personal trainer, a lifestyle and weight management consultant, and a group exercise instructor, but they pride themselves on not being insane workout-aholics. With the slogan of “Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk,” the FBGs have fun incorporating workouts into their daily lives and hope to inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle and a positive attitude. Their blog,, features fun fitness tips, news, and reviews of exercise DVDs, healthy foods, workout clothes and health-related literature. Jenn and Erin also remind their readers often that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes!

This is not DomestiGal Jen. Yet. But it might be, once the FBGs are done with her!

Fit for a Bride

As two married girls ourselves, the Fit Bottomed Girls know what it's like to plan a wedding. We know how many hours you spend making decisions, writing vows, designing invitations, fighting with your beloved about the stupid stamps not matching the envelopes because they have a white background and not a cream-colored background...sorry, flashback. Regardless, planning a wedding takes A LOT of time and energy. And despite the fact that what you really feel like doing after a long evening bridesmaid dress shopping is collapsing on the couch, watch The Hills and sip a strong vodka tonic, it's important that you take time for yourself in a healthy way. Plus, every girl wants to look her best in her gown. Therefore, we have created a 42-minute workout playlist, just for you brides to be. You can do the workout on your favorite type of cardio machine or hit the streets for a power walk or run. It's fun, upbeat and silly in parts. And, heck if you're single, have a domestic partner or are already married, check it out anyway. The songs are fun enough no matter your relationship status!


(2:38) Love and Marriage, Frank Sinatra: Try not to think of the TV show Married With Children on this one. Instead, focus on Ol' Blue Eyes as you warm up, beginning your workout at an easy pace. 

Work it, bride to be

(2:50) Going to the Chapel, The Dixie Cups: There's no way this one wasn't making the list. It's the first song that came to mind when the Domestigals asked us to create a wedding-themed playlist. It's a quickie though, so use the full time to pick up your pace. By the last 30 seconds you should be at a moderate pace where you can still carry a conversation, but you're still strolling way faster than you will for the walk down the aisle.

(4:36) My Love, JT: Imagine JT singing to you about your honeymoon for this one. Shhh...No need to tell anyone that your mental honeymoon is with JT. For this song, amidst daydreaming, continue to pick your pace up. By minute four of the song, you should be at a hard intensity. Not a sprint, but you shouldn't be able to chat.

(3:28) Love Song, The Cure: Slow your pace back on down to moderate. Catch your breath and remember how awesome The Cure is. And still are. Just a like dream. Just like a dream.

(3:51) Ready to Run, The Dixie Chicks: Yea, so this one isn't really "I can't wait to start my life together" material, but the video makes me think of weddings and it involves a healthy activity: running. So, we're gonna squeeze it in as an interval. One minute sprint, one minute recover, repeat, and you're good. 

(4:09) Let's Get Married, Jagged Edge: Forgotten about this one? Oh, it's a goodie. Let the smooth R&B sounds slow you down to a moderate then low pace. Enjoy the groove.

(3:55) Heaven, DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do: The original Bryan Adams' version is good, but this one is fantastic for working out. And getting married and finding "the one," is like heaven, right? Pick your speed back up to a moderate pace for a minute. Then sprint hard for 30 seconds. Do it three times (you'll end with a sprint).

(4:25) Luxurious, Gwen Stefani: Gwen says it all: "You're my Mr., and I'm your Miss. It's pure perfection when we touch." Wheee, right? Oh, I remember those days...again, digressing. My bad. For this song, just maintain your steady, moderate pace. This isn't a recovery song though, so don't slow too much. 

(5:12) The Adventure, Angels and Airwaves: Because this song is a full five minutes long, we're going to break it up a bit. Sprint the first 45 seconds. Then recover for one minute. Next, use the remainder of the song to stay at a moderate pace. Feel free to use this time to imagine your "adventure" coming up. And, believe me, it's an adventure at times.

(4:52) Time of My Life, The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes: This isn't about marriage, but the playlist just seems like it's missing something without it. (I would know because I put it in, deleted it, put it back in, deleted it again and then added it back.) Channel your inner Baby and feel free to sing along. For this final push, pick up your pace for the entire song, ending the last minute in a sprint. You can do it; it's the time of your life! 

Cool Down 

(2:33) Best is Yet to Come, Tony Bennett: Cool it on down as Tony Bennett croons. Maintain a slow pace and do a few stretches. You're good. You made it. And, yes, the best is yet to come!


Phew! We're feelin' the burn already! Thank you, Fit Bottomed Girls

For more playlists and workout music reviews from the FBGs, click here.

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