Friday, September 19, 2008

DomestiGals Heart... Twitter!

Photobucket Dearest DomestiGals,

Sue and I could not resist giving a shout-out today to one of our favorite things on the interwebs: the newly revamped and fancified yet still lovable Twitter.

Do you love it or do you LOVE it?

Here's why we love it:

Receiving an email that said, "Barack Obama is now following you on Twitter" was perhaps the highlight of our summer.

The immediacy and sheer enjoyability of micro-blogging: addictive or a little bit ridiculous? Yes. Heh. But is that a bad thing?

Jen can follow her beloved Chicago Cubs from across the pond via post-game tweets. Go Cubbies!

Yeah, it may be a little stalker-tastic, but reading half a day's worth of tweets still takes less time than analyzing the changes to your ex's Facebook page. Not that we've done that. Nope, not us!

We know we sound like huge nerds, but we love the simple, cute design and customizability. And how adorable is that Fail Whale? Jen would like a plush version for snuggling on nights when she's at school and sans Lawyer.

Why do YOU love Twitter? And what's your Twitter name? Leave a comment and let us know!


Sue and Jen


Downbeat said...

I am quite a fan of the new Twitter. And I enjoy following you ladies big time!

Mary-Laure said...

Thanks more making me discover Twitter!

Bekah said...

i do LOVE twitter, oh course i really cont do that at work anymore either. stupid bastards and their youtube! sorry...where was i? ohh yeah, twitter, love it!

Kyla Bea said...

I'm a big fan - I didn't know it was more than micro blogging until a couple of months ago either!

Following you!

brandy said...

Yeah, I don't mind the new twitter- it definitely looks 'neater'. Also, your comment about Obama made me laugh, I felt the same way when that happened. Oh, and you know what really made my day? After I signed up on his website and started getting emails from him and Joe Biden. I like to think they were personal and not sent out to you know... 80 million other people.

Bayjb said...

I am in love with Twitter. It helps me honestly get through the day. I like the new design too although it was definitely a shock. I had a hard time adapting to Twitter at first, but then we made out and it was awesome.