Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Music and The First Dance!

Um, hello. Obviously the wrap dress. This way it'll show off your perky girls, which I'm sure are much perkier now that you've been doing chest presses with Colossus.

Okay, I know I already Twittered and (Tweeted?) about this, but have you all seen the website Songza? You can create playlists, share them with fellow DomestiGals, and then watch the music videos at the same time. This deserves a big A to the Mazing.

Which brings us to a very important topic: Wedding Music!

The Doctor and I love the song by Band of Horses called "No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do..." Actually, the song is really "No One Will Ever Love You.." but I like to finish the sentence, so that I don't look like a complete freak.

Sometimes we'll put it on and dance around to it in our living room. Maybe they'll let me play it one day when I walk down City Hall? (Hey, eventually I'll have to upgrade from our Post Office/Bank Domestic Partnership Ceremony to something a bit more special.)

Jen, will you and your someday-soon-fiance be serenading each other at your Wedding of Dreams?

If you'd like to make it The Ultimate Wedding of Nightmares, I'd be happy to play the guitar and sing to you both. I'll be taking up guitar lessons again for the tenth time, so what better place to practice but at your wedding? It'll make it special for both of us!

Not that your day is about me.

I mean, I only set you up with The Most Amazing Man Ever, but, you know, whatever.




Bekah said...

we had matts brother mike play and sing out first song. The DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING he called and said he didnt think he was ready...yeah hi mike we asked you TEN MONTHS AGO! needless to say after a few threats he did it. And he did awesome. sorry im not really sure how that relates...i mean maybe a little.

matt wanted to dance to corrina corrina, have you heard that song? ummm yeah...we danced to forever by ben harper (butplayed by mike)

wow this comment got long and confusing

disa said...

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