Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ring Shout Out and Martha's Towels

Dear Jen,

While every good DomestiGal must obviously pray to the gods that are Martha Stewart, I must say one thing.

Are her towels funky? Or is it just her towels that are sold in Target that are funky? It certainly can't be that my hands and other body parts are absurdly dirty. I'm staying with friends right now in San Francisco, and we've been discussing (and using!) her towels. For some reason, we've all experienced them getting randomly bleached and color-funky after a few times of using them. It's a bit peculiar, but surely more people other than New Yorkers and San Franners have noticed this?

Anyway, back to a more important matter at hand: Inaugural Wedding Fabulosity Fest! Most excellent idea, Jen, specifically because I could go on and on about Colin Firth and/or Mr. Darcy though they don't have abs that extend from here to England like our joint boyfriend, Michael Phelps.

Ahem. Jen -- I fear we (i.e. "mwe") might both have to put the kabosh on Michael Phelps' references... perhaps we'll leave it up to our DomestiGal readers to elect the newest DomestiGal boy crush.

Ladies? Any nominations?

Now, while I've tried to ignore my darling friend Jen's comment that my Potential Partnership Rings reminded her of ones she used to wear in middle school, I would like to send a shout-out to Kathryn, Bekah, Bayjb, Renee (Renee -- I love Etsy, especially Shoda Design), Tiffany, Blablovers and Jamie Lovely for commenting on their favorite rings and my peculiarly tiny Asian fingers. (Never fear ladies -- these hands can still tickle the ivories of pianos like every other good Asian gal's!)

But, alas, I do tend to really doubt my taste. And here's the perfect example why.

This afternoon, while taking a lovely walk in Dolores Park here in the Mission District of San Francisco...

Photo Courtesy Parkopolis

I asked my friend, Bill, for his secret coffee recipe. He practically rolled into the street with laughter. "Sue," he said, "In 35 years, no one has *ever* told me that they liked my coffee, and I trust that no one will ever tell me that again. The secret, my dear friend, is Folgers."


How pathetic did I feel?!! Why do I go around buying tasty, organic, expensive brands like Trader Joe's, Mud, etc., when I like a basic coffee that's been commercial and in every American household since the 19th century?

This is why I simply can't trust my taste in rings. I'm going to have to let The Doctor decide after all. And, yes, I'll probably be wearing a ring at your wedding, Jen, while doing the pastoral prayer. (Damn, I so hoped to be knocked up with a bastard child while marrying you to The Lawyer).

I'm going to go join the Folger's Wakin' Up Club and throw out my Triple Threat Espresso now. :(



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Bekah said...

my towels got wonky too!!! but i thought my facewash must have been toxic or something..because only my towel got funky. Not my husbands or the guest towels (which are whiet so they hardly count)..but my green one definately got weird bleach patterns on it.