Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Engagement Ring Deets, Please!

Um. HELLO, Sue! "Some round ring from Tiffany's"?!!?!

I need DETAILS, STAT! What engagement ring design is it? Is it the classic round brilliant solitaire or one of their other designs? Are there side stones? Are they baguettes, round, or square?

What's the carat weight? Color? Cut? Clarity? Give me the 4 C's, baby!

Yeah, you have no idea what the 4 C's are, do you. Ask The Engineer. Hopefully he did some research before purchasing your sister's Ring of Dreams.

So now that your youngest sis is getting hitched, do you think that will take the pressure off you for awhile? Or will your Asian mummy still be pressuring you to pop out a wee JewAsian sometime soon?

Cannot wait to hear more.

All is well here in MBA-land, though I can already feel the booze re-establishing the beer belly I just worked my arse off for four months to shed. Sigh. Colossus is not going to be happy with me. Especially considering the stellar quality of my last workout with him.

And worse? I just worked out for the first time in the university gym - like, the one and only official university gym - and, like, this is a world-class university of 12,000 students, you know - and let me tell you, that place was spanky! Spanky, dank, smelly, and stinky. Ugh. I don't know how I am going to be a hot bride in a year when my local workout facility has all the charm of a gas station bathroom. 

I am in need of some MAYJAH motivation. And luckily, the Fit Bottomed Girls have arrived just in time! Stay tuned... they'll be with us tomorrow!

(Probably sooner than the details of your sister's new engagement ring, eh? But seriously, give an unengaged-bride-to-be a little blingtastic gossip, will ya?)

DomestiGal Jen


michelle woo said...

I think I'm with Sue. What the heck are baguettes? They sound delicious.

DomestiGals said...

Thanks, Michelle! Of course I don't even know how to respond to Jen's email. Frankly, I prefer the saucisson and beurre (sausage and butter) baguettes I used to get near the Luxembourg fountains in Paris...