Saturday, September 6, 2008

More ring talk! Has DomestiGal Sue lost her mind?

DomestiGal Jen,

Oy. I just can't even believe you're heading back to school to complete your MBA. The thought of you straining your brain to do something other than wedding gift shopping is just beyond the beyond! Please remember the rest of us in DomestiGal Land when you're off nerding out.

Okay, so I finally found two rings that I'm pretty much ridiculously obsessed with. And, best yet, my new friend Yaf has worked at the store, Versani, for the past several years. We met the other night at my business coach, Kim's, fabulous birthday party at Kittichai.

Ahem. Obviously what's more important than rings? Food, duh.

First I have to tell you all about the food I had at Kittichai in SoHo, because it was beyond the beyond fabulous.

*Coconut and organic chicken relish with crispy jasmine rice crackers
*Seabass tempura with sweet chili-tamarind sauce
*Chocolate baby back ribs with Thai spices
Um, excuse me, did you hear me?
That's right, CHOCOLATE baby back ribs with Thai spices.

(Jen, get your hand out of that Nutella Jar, you Dirty DomestiGal! Colossus insists that your rear end be tighter than Michael Phelps' bum by next year. How do you expect your dress-of-dreams to zip up if you continue to be so undisciplined!)

*Flourless chocolate cake with fresh cream
*Banana spring rolls with honey cream

Jen, do tell the rest of our community how all that personal training and no-carb diet is working out for you? Any special vitamins you're taking recently?

Dear god I'm such a terrible, fat cow and a lousy friend.

Anyway, back to the matter of my left hand.

Check it here.

I know all you DomestiGal diamond-lovers out there will be horrified that I want this as my "partnership ring." But I just love it.

I'm also pretty much obsessed with this one as well. Check it, ladies, here.

So this is how I see it. Right now, gold is tres in here in Manhattan. (That said, I suppose gold is always very in during the summer time.) Anyway, I'm kind of thinking that gold one can be my pseudo engagement ring (even though I never plan to be engaged... or married for that matter), and then the first one, the Russian Wedding Band, can be my official DomestiGal Partnership Ring. Oops, ahem. Of course I meant my official Domestic Partner Partnership Ring.

Some days I'll wear gold; other days I'll wear white gold.

And obviously my underwear will always match.


Foie-gras and fat eating Sue


Tiffany said...

wow, those are very cool!

i'll take some of that foie gras too. yummy!

Blablover5 said...

The top one reminds me of a mobius strip, going around and around and around.

Jamie Lovely said...

Ohh, I love the first one!