Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is That Bling I See?

Sue darling,

I am proud of you! I think you have two very nice choices there! For real!

Well, I mean, the first one reminds me of a ring I wore in sixth grade. Did I ever mention how I hit my social peak in sixth grade? Seriously. On the last day of school, FIVE different boys gave me jewelry! I got three necklaces, a gold (!!!) bracelet (that one was actually from my boyfriend), and a watch-ring. Which I actually loved. How that trend did not take off I have no idea.

Anyway, as fond as I am of those days, your Official Domestic Partner Partnership Ring should not remind me of them.

But! Do my eyes deceive me or did that second one actually have very wee diamonds (but diamonds nonetheless!) in it? Miracle of miracles! You are into (very wee) bling after all! This takes our friendship to a whole new level.

Although - I know. I won't get ahead of myself. You have probably already decided that you hate it. Or found something tackier - I mean, more in line with your taste.

Sigh. Keep me posted. Tiffany, Harry, Fred and I will be here for you.

With labels and love,


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Wendy said...

Love your memories of grammer school!!