Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jen's First Day: Pick Her Outfit! Please!

Ok ladies. I am sending my DomestiGal beacon out into the sky (I imagine this to be like Batman's bat signal, only in the shape of a huge diamond engagement ring. Obv.).

I need your help!

I started packing for school yesterday (SAD! I KNOW! ACK!) and I am at a total loss. I cannot figure out what to wear for my first day. THE most important day. I will be meeting all my new classmates and professors, and we are having our class portrait taken (which I really think is cruel to do on the very first day, but I digress). So last night The Lawyer and I had a photo session with the four finalist outfits, and I present them here.

Please please please help me choose! Based on your votes, I will let you know the winning outfit on Monday!

Without further ado, here they are (and yes, this is really me, standing in our "Grecian Spa"-colored bedroom, with my new uni's coat of arms hanging on my closet door - I feel so exposed! But I am also thrilled with how adept I am becoming with Microsoft Paint.):

OUTFIT #1: The black pinstripe power suit with red lining (a good Feng Shui color, Sue!). 
I know it's hard to see due to my ailing 5-year-old camera, but please note the patent leather heels. They may get me to wear a suit for the first time in 8 months, but I shall not abandon the fabulous!

OUTFIT #2: The understated but cute brown suit with dark purple shell.
Again, hard to see here and not quite as fab as the suit above but comfy and reliable. And it fits me way better since I've been working out with Colossus!

OUTFIT #3: The simple black dress with my Blair Waldorf jacket.
Seriously, doesn't that jacket look like something Blair would wear? It's preptastic! Also note the pointy-toe power pumps.

OUTFIT #4: The pseudo-wrap brown dress.
This dress has been a professional go-to for a few years. I'd spruce it up with accessories. Obv.

Ok, ladies! Leave your votes in the comments section!

And thank you for your fabulous guidance.

Big love,

DomestiGal Jen


well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

outfit 3 is def my fav!
but you'll look stellar in them all.
enjoy your first day!

Bekah said...

Im liking outfit 1. they are all really cute! but for some reason 1 stands out to me!

four is also adorable, but im letting my own personality play into it, I get more nervous in a dress than I do in pants. So im still going with 1.

freeandflawed said...

I like one or four!

brandy said...

I would go with #2- you said it's comfy AND reliable and it fits you better than the first one.

On the first day of school when nerves run high, you want to be wearing something you feel 100% in- outfit 2 sounds like it does that. Plus, it's super cute!

Jess said...

I love outfit number 3. And yes, it is so Blair Waldorf. haha.

Bayjb said...

I like outfit 1 or 4 the best. I am REALLY digging that Blair coat, where did you get it? J.Crew?

michellewoo said...

Everything looks black on my computer. =(
But from the shape and fit, I'd go with #2.
The little head cut-outs? HILARE!

Elle said...

#3!! Please wear #3 - an outfit is not an outfit without pointy shoes!!! :0)

Kyla Bea said...

I vote for the brown & purple! Polished, young, and not trying to hard. It’s comfy, clean and modern and it’ll let you judge how many people are coming to school in hoodies and sweatpants.

Jenamie said...

I would definitely do the dress, but I'd change the shoes to the black pointy-toed ones! :-)

But they are all fabulous

DomestiGals said...

Thanks so much for this great feedback, Gals! Keep it comin'!

JB, the Blair jacket is from a Bloomingdale's sale rack! One of my faves :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd go with outfit 3. I love to wear suits myself. Sometimes I wear a tie with my suit. But last week, we had our photos taken for a brochure for the business where I work. I was wearing my suit with a tie and in the picture, my tie is crooked...REALLY CROOKED...and the right side of my collar was sticking up. Not a good picture of me.

thatdisneygirl said...

#3 for sure

It's A Jaime Thing said...

If you feel more comfortable in pants, I'd go with #2 - I'm sure #1 rocks as well, but if you feel more comfortable in #2, go w/that. If you're feeling like going the skirt route, I'd say it depends. Think of when you were a student - and when you first met your teacher. Did she look nice? Did she look mean? Did she look so serious it scared you? Did she look fun?

How do you want your students' to portray you? Do you want them to see the nice, fun side of you? I'd wear #4. If you want them to see the nice but serious side of you, #3.

Those are just my opinions...they're ALL adorable, however will you choose? lol Good luck not only on choosing, but on your first day, too!

Can't wait to see what you pick - whatever it is, make sure you're comfortable in it.

-Jaime ;)