Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding Vows

Not to totally be fromage-y (cheesy, for those non-francophiles), but I feel like every day with The Doctor is another day of Domestic Partnership Vows.

Just last night he goes, "DomestiGal Sue," (Okay, fine, he doesn't call me DomestiGal Sue...)

Let's begin that again.

Just last night he said, "Sue, I feel like when I met you the clouds all disappeared..."

I mean, ya'll know that I don't like sentimental crap, but I have to say that I'm one lucky gal to have my man!

Especially since I'm such a Bitch with a capital B.

Well, ladies? What sort of wedding vows did you guys say to your husbands-to-be? Are you writing your own vows?? What do your boyfriends/fiances/domestic partners say to you on a daily or not-so-daily basis?


Angel of the Clouds Sue


Renee said...

Last night my domestic partner said to me after a rough day, "I still think you're the best at EVERYTHING." (I was feeling a little crummy about my perceived job performance...) Then he gave me a popsicle. He always knows how to cheer me up!

Bekah said...

matts extremely took me a long time to realize thats just how he is, At first I thought it was all a how(i a bitch). He says adorable things everyday, also he writes me songs...which is just so adorable.

vows-we went 100% traditional. Everytime I have actaully heard people write their own vows they sound weird and corny. I heard one girl talk about how she knows he will always stop and get her fast food! So yeah...traditional all the way.

Bekah said...

all a show...not a how

Bayjb said...

I'm not married but my brother and his wife did traditional ones. Personally I like those best, something about the "tradition" behind it.

Rev. Linda said...

Here's the best tip anyone could give a couple about to be married: write your vows in shared conversation and infuse a dream for the life you want to have together into the vows. Then write down as pledges how you will make that happen.

The next best tip, the best kept secret of all time, is that when the vows have been read at the ceremony it isn't the end of the them.

Read them over and over and over and over until they become your operating system. Read them separately every night or read them together every night or read them together every morning. If they are read individually at least once or twice a month read them together. That way they open the way for great conversation.

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Love, light, and laughter,
Rev. Linda, The Wedding Vow Coach
Helping couples write down the dream and then live it!