Saturday, September 6, 2008

Liar's Poker = Gossipfest. Woohoo!

Sue! Guess what!

I just finished my first pre-MBA reading assignment. Good for me!

Indeed, Liar's Poker was the perfect way for me to break into my MBA prep (because, apparently, this degree program is actually happening). Basically it's a non-fiction book about Wall Street in the 80s. Totally gossip-tastic!

Check it out:
And even better? The author, Michael Lewis, is married to Tabitha Soren! Does that name ring a bell to you? It did to me... Tabitha "MTV News" Soren? Tabitha "Choose or Lose" Soren?

How about a visual reminder:

Total blast from the past, right?

OK, so anyway, I was very proud of myself for finishing this book - and more proud that I was actually interested in its content.

And it made me curious. Are there any other MBA-bound DomestiGals out there? Or any Gals who already have their MBAs? Or perhaps Gals who aspire to be, as Michael Lewis would say, Big Swinging Dicks on Wall Street (with apologies for my bad language but I am trying to learn the lingo)?

Not that I want to make big bucks upon graduating a year from now. Nope, I plan to get married and have bab - um, I mean, return to the non-profit world and conquer it with my keen finance skills and improved schmoozing abilities. Though I'm not sure how this progam will help me improve on perfection in that particular area.


Domestic Budding MBA Rockstar Jen

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