Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wedding Fabulosity Fest!

So Sue.

Yesterday I had to email this huge pile o' career crap to the MBA career services office at my school-to-be. Really? This stuff took ages to complete, was a huge pain in the tuchus, and had me alternating between IMing with The Lawyer and Skyping with my mom in fits of insecurity. Being the token American Non-Profit Gal, fabulous as I am, is not going to be easy in a program full of finance whizzes and accounting nerds. Sheesh.

Also? I really really really wanted to include "planning Wedding of Dreams" under "Interests" on my newly revamped CV. I mean, they should want to know the real me, right?


Sadly, I couldn't even treat myself to a celebratory drink after I finished it all, because Colossus has started keeping tabs on my alcohol intake by measuring the skin fold (read: pinching the fat) on the front of my kneecap. FOR REAL.

So I decided to treat myself to this post instead. Thus, before embarking upon my Econ pre-reading (gag), I hereby announce the Inaugural Wedding Fabulosity Fest!

I have found some of the cutest things while procrastin- um, I mean, bridal-blog-browsing. While I have come to terms with the fact that I am not going to be pulling off a Martha Stewart Wedding, I do appreciate craftiness and hope to incorporate some cute, personal details at our nuptials. But for every idea that might work at our wedding, I find a zillion cute ones that, for whatever reason, won't.

So without further ado, here are some of the most fabulous things I've come across that I won't be using but nevertheless heart in a mayjah way...

Jim and Pam stationery suite from The Future Mrs. Darcy. 

Found these thanks to the ad on snippet & ink. To be honest, it was my love for Colin Firth (the best Darcy in the history of Darcys, now and forevermore) that made me click the ad, and boy was I glad I did!

Now, I may be biased because I went to college with the adorable John Krasinski, but I think this set is so creative! Note that the "Inter-Departmental Delivery" is an area to include personal family or romantic anecdotal details. Love! Her other collections - cleverly named for other beloved fictional couples - are quite sweet too.

Frankly, the site as a whole is really more your style than mine, Sue. But Ariel (the original Offbeat Bride) has got moxie and DomestiGals do nothing if not respect moxie!

I think this is SUCH a great idea for save-the-date cards. The Lawyer is a little more traditional when it comes to stationery, but Gals, if your man will go for this there is mayjah cuteness potential! And if you, like me, are no Martha, Ariel has recently posted a How-To video, so you're all set.

Ring pillows from Bklyn Pillow

I may be new to the bridal blogosphere, but it didn't take me long to learn that Brooklyn Bride rules the roost. She is a mayjah celeb in the bridal blog world. And for good reason! She is super talented, has fabulous taste, and Bride can sew!

Like, seriously.

Found these on Etsy, a SUPREMELY ADDICTIVE but fantastic site chock full of handmade wonderfulness. These place cards are over our budget, unfortunately, but I think they are amazing - especially for a travel theme or destination wedding.

Just look at the close-up!


And... I'm cutting myself off now. But! I will keep posting regularly as I discover more morsels of wedding fabulosity. If I can't use them myself, at least I can sing their praises in DomestiGal Land!


Domestic-Goddess-Indeed-But-No-Martha-Stewart Jen


Bekah said...

the compasses are most definately amazing!

You asked if we did anything to try to stay green at our wedding. I have to be honest and say..no. Not really at all. Um...there was so much going on that the last thing I wanted was to have another thing to worry about. We did use dried lavender instead of rice for the toss. It was chemical free so even if some little animal came along and nibbled on some it wouldnt be bad. Also, it looked and smelled AMAZING.

Crafty weddings are a lot easier to pull off than you think! I promise! I was overwhelmed at points, but it went very smoothly! I even had time to do all of our flowers. It made it more personal to me...since I never really wanted a wedding, it was nice to really get involved in it and make it our own.

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

you went to college with John Krasinski?! le sigh... i loff him.

Kyla Bea said...

I love the eat drink and be married stationary lol Way too cute!

I definitely think that wedding planning should be on your CV, I have stage management on mine and it's the exact same thing.

Except with more crying lol

freeandflawed said...

I really like the photo booth set. It's super cute!

That reminds me that I haven't been in a photo booth in at least ten years. That's unacceptable!

Ashley said...


You went to college with JIM!?!?

*fainting out of jealousy and shock*

I did crafty table numbers (bought small old frames from the thrift store and wrote our table numbers on with fancy markers in our colors), place cards, favors, and more last August when I got married! So much fun to design your own stuff. (plus, you safe money)

Ashley said...

Uh, you SAVE money not safe money.