Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feng Shui Wedding

I know, I know.

Sometimes, I get a little too Asian on you when it comes to certain things (though I know you love it when I tell stories of my darling Asian mummy!)

But, listen up. Recently, The Doctor and I have started to Feng Shui our house (hello, we're not going to have a wedding, so we may as well Feng Shui our 5th floor Manhattan walk-up).

Anyway, thanks to my friend Joya, the creator of this hilarious Anti-Constipation Weight Loss book called The Shitter's Guide, we have totally made some simple changes to our house. I think you and The Lawyer can do this to your house, you can do this in your new dorm room (oh, Jen, how I cringe thinking of you living in a dorm room again!) and, finally, at your wedding.

So, here's what happened. As you know, The Doctor and I have been seeing a Financial Advisor, whom I've been referring to as The Savior. If you take a look at the Feng Shui chart, above, you'll see that Wealth is governed in the upper left corner of the house and room (when you walk into the room from the main entrance, the upper left corner is furthest away from you, and, duh, on the left). Well, apparently our "Wealth" corner is where our bathroom is!

Of course, we can't just start picking up our toilet and moving it around.

Joya, our Feng Shui expert, pointed out that all our money was -- in a matter of speaking -- running down the bathtub drain, the bathroom sink, and the toilet! Now we keep the toilet seat closed (thank Buddha, as The Doctor has needed more of an incentive to remember to keep the lid down), have a jade plant in the bathroom, and keep all drains plugged unless they're being used.

Secondly, our Relationship corner (upper right hand corner of the house and the room) is right where our bedroom is! Absolutely perfect! We just had to adjust the mirror, add a water element, and add more flashes of red to the room.

So my point is that I think you can add some elements of feng shui to your wedding, because -- guess what! -- you've already started to! Basic elements of a Feng Shui wedding are to choose auspicious dates that end in a 8 or 9. I believe your wedding date is set for the 19th (not that you're even engaged, but anyway...), so this is excellent. Apparently a wedding date with the number ending in 9 signifies eternal love and brings completion.

Take a look at lucky color combinations according to Feng Shui Wedding Expert, Kathryn Weber:

What do certain color combinations mean?

Reds and gold (ochre)/yellow/beige: Harmony and prosperity, good luck and happiness

Black and white: male and female, harmony

Green and purples (can be lavenders or light purple): Growth, longevity and wealth

Metal colors: Creativity/children

Yellow and white: Heaven and earth

Green and blue: Growth and wealth

Red and green: Happy luck and success

Black and green: Wealth, growth and longevity

Especially auspicious color combinations:

* gold & purple (great wealth),

* silver & purple (great wealth),

* green & purple (great abundance),

* purple & white, (harmony of yin and yang)

* purple & black (career and financial success)

Sadly, I don't see any mention of orange in here, but let me know what you guys decide!

DomestiGals, have any of you had a mini Feng Shui Wedding? Or, what traditions and fun-set-up ideas have you used at your weddings and around your home?


Superstitious Sue


Veronica said...

Sue! I love this! Thank you! Loving knowing this especially because we're getting married on the 18th of 2009!! Cool! And our colors I think might fall into the first color combo you listed.
I think I'll repost this on my blog if that's alright with you. Too cool not to share! =)

DomestiGals said...

Veronica! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post -- please feel free to share this with your blog readers. And congrats for getting married on such an auspicious day!


Blablover5 said...

Hm Green and Blue, makes it sound like we're gonna plant ourselves a money tree.

Broke-ass Bride said...

What a terrific post! I really love your style, and I can't believe it took me so long to find you :)

I'm getting married on the 24 (boo) but I'm using purple and gold, so let's hope for the best :)

valerie said...

I'm surfing in kind of late, but I know you all posted a congrats on my blog right before the wedding and I wanted to say thanks!

And what better a post than this to thank you on. My husband and I got married on 19 September 2008 with black and white colors, woo!

The husband is into Feng Shui, so he'd appreciate this post. :)

disa said...

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