Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bridal Mags 4evah!


I am so excited. I have a new project! Well, or, I will. 

Check it: as you know, I basically waited my whole life to be able to buy bridal magazines and have been delighting in their presence in our little house. Wanna see them again? You know you do...



So anyway, along with my delight has come an ever-increasing anxiety. Now that the mags are here, what am I going to do with them when the wedding is over? Granted, I still have over a year to figure this out, but nevertheless it has been weighing on my mind.

Well, thanks to Jaime (and her lovely blog that is chock full of inspiration), I now know what I can do! I will turn my cherished magazines into eco-chic picture frames in which I can put some of our wedding photos! Genius!

Jaime got the idea from Home Made Simple and I think it is just brilliant.

Look at how nice I will look!


Yours in crafty fabulosity,



Jaime said...

Ha ha!!! YOU are hilarious - nice uh, pic you have there...toooo funny. Thanks so much for the mention, that was super sweet of you. I look forward to hopefully keeping in touch - until then, have a lovely day!


Kyla Bea said...

Oh the bridal mags….after I got through the gathering ideas portion of the wedding planning program I recycled mine – but if you get and hold onto a bunch of the Martha Stewart Wedding ones I’ve heard you can e-bay them for some pretty good cash! Scary but true!

DomestiGals said...

NO way... who would buy old Martha Stewart wedding mags on eBay?! That is hilare.

Bekah said...

you the entire time I was engaged i only read ONE bridal mag. and it was out of boredom at the airport. How many drug-addicted bridal waifs could I look at without feeling just a little bit sad, you know?

But the frame is still a good idea!