Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Make-up Madness and Weddings

Dear Jen,

I miss you! And I had first-day-of-school flutters for you yesterday with hopes you'd make lots of friends. Of course you'll have to keep us up to date on all the new BFFs you make. Also, will your MBA program be like an episode of Gossip Girl? One can only hope.

Okay, so back to me.

Actually, back to my sister. My youngest sister just got engaged in Paris! She has been with her boyfriend, The Engineer, for six years and I'm so happy for them! She got some round ring (ahem, clearly not the technical word, but, as you know, that's the extent of my knowledge) from Tiffany's. He proposed in front of a fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens, as it's one of their favorites from when they both lived in France. Anyway, they're off to Italy next to celebrate and get fat eating insane amounts of pasta.

I know my parents are freaking out that they have one *normal* daughter who does the whole proposal-engagement-marriage thing.

So on to the topic at hand.

There was this disturbing -- but most excellent -- article in the paper a couple of weeks ago that talked about toxins in cosmetics. I immediately went home and threw out half my make-up collection (okay, so this means I threw out 3 things), because I was so disturbed.

Here's the list of synthetic ingredients known to cause illness (including pimples, ladies!!) according to Organic Diva:

Methyl, propyl, butyl
Ethyl paraban
Imidazolindyl urea
Propylene glycol
PVP/V copolymer
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Stearalkonium chloride
Synthetic colors
Synthetic fragrance


Finally, I'm surprised that talc wasn't on the list, but lately when I've walked into my local CVS or Walgreens, several brands are saying "Talc-free" as talc in make-up could cause specific forms of cancer according to a 4/2008 article by Dr. Kristie Leong, M.D.

Anyway, this means that I have been on a mission. Excuse me, it's more like a MISSION.

I was really irritated, because several brands that call themselves organic still had some of these crazy no-good ingredients in them -- including talc!

However, I recently purchased Jane Iredale make-up, specifically PurePressed Base in Golden Glow (perfect for skin with yellow undertones). It cost a lot more than I usually pay -- it was $50, but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. It's non-comedogenic, so it won't block pores and exacerbate acne and cystic pimples, plus, it looks really natural. I guess my only complaint is that I'm not sure it's good for oily skin, or just DomestiGals who are profuse sweaters like I am!

What do ya'll think about mineral make-up? I know it's all the rage now, but I've heard it makes oilier skin look even oilier within a couple of hours?

Any Make-Up Must Haves from ladies who had flawless skin for their Wedding Day?

Jen, what do you currently use on your face?


DomestiGal Sue who will soon have The Engineer as her brother-in-law!


Bekah said...

aw congrats to your sis! Umm i still call the diamonds in my ring round..is that wrong? cause i never actually looked it up to see if thy have a name.

ANYWAY - makeup - I totally dont even remember what I wore. My little sister did it for me because my hands were shaking (i was mad not nervous - long story -- my hair stylist was MIA)

DomestiGals said...

Hey Bekah!

I don't know if they're called round, I think we'll need to ask DomestiGal Jen for sure-fire verification.

I can't believe your hairstylist didn't show up! What a nightmare! Did you have any other last-minute atrocities?

Thanks for writing, per usual.