Friday, September 26, 2008

To Spoon or Fork?

Alas. I know all of you are just dying – dying! – to know that after 2 years of domestic-partnership bliss, the doctor and I still spoon.

And not just for a few minutes before he or I do the “Squeeze and Roll” method that Ross made famous in that excellent episode of Friends. Oh no! I mean, we spoon the entire night.

What’s absolutely terrific is that we really have it down to a science. I lay on my right side with my two pillows in a perfect L shape. (One for my head, and the other one for me to squeeze). Then, The Doctor wraps his arm around me so that we’re holding left hands. Sometime in the middle of the night, I rollover and squeeze his nose, which signals him to turn so that I can begin to spoon him.

Truly all of you in DomestiGal land just needed to know that.

And now I need to know how all of you sleep with your partners. Specifically – PJs or no PJs?

After all my highly enlightening blog postings, I’m sure you can guess what my answer is.

Sadly, my darling Jen, I don't even know how to respond to your questions regarding my sister's new Tiffany's engagement ring! I just asked The Doctor, and he says he thinks it's a Classic Tiffany's engagement ring. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any side stones, so that makes it a solitaire -- and -- (I'm looking at the Tiffany's site now) not the Round-Brilliant. In terms of karats... uh, I have no idea. The other day, I asked my friend Lynn how many karats her diamond ring is, and she had no idea either.

Clearly we're not the typical Sex and the City Girls that Manhattan claims to have.


Still Spoonin’ Sue


Bekah said...

matt and i dont really spoon. I mean, we do, but once we fall asleep we usually wake up not spooning.

What is weird though, is that lately I have been waking up spooning with...jaco. he isnt allowed in bed because, youknow, he is a dog and all. But at some point in the night he sneaks into bed, snuggles up under my arm, and becomes the little spoon. And because our dog tends to sneak into the bed...we ALWAYS wear PJs...cause...just...ew.

i know, i know, you were dying to know that werent you?

Jenn said...

We usually spoon when we first go to sleep, but eventually roll away from each other. If we wake up though, we'll get back together. And my hubby is big on sleeping in the nude, but I'm not. lol.

Side note: I thought really hard of a way to throw in spork in this comment, and I couldn't do it. lol.

Second side note: Thanks for the love yesterday! :)

Jenn said...

I think we're both finding our comfort zone in bed. We're a new couple. Sometimes we fall asleep spooning, other nights I'm just sprawled out completely taking over his bed and pushing him off.

We both have PJs though. He keeps the AC set at like 62. It's effin freezing in there.

Kyla Bea said...

I have a sequence of like four positions that I seem to flip through before I really go to sleep - and we seem to always be touching, which is nice.

Still spooning after 4 years! Woo!

DomestiGals said...

Bekah, I can't think of anything better than spooning Jaco! That's hilarious.

Jenn, dude, you need to start sleeping in the buff with your hubby to show off more of your Fit Bottom! And, for the record, I love sporks. Perhaps that could be the new definition of one sleeping in the nude with their partner who sleeps dressed up?

Jenn, continue to push and dominate your darling in bed! I mean, you may as well set the standard now that you're a new couple.

Kyla -- 4 years! I'm so glad you wrote. I'm only halfway there, but I hope we'll still be spooning and sporking our way through 50 more years of domestic partnership bliss!

Broke-ass Bride said...

I heart spooning. We're pretty good at it, but the *best* is when the puppy gets in on the 3-way spoon! Then its more of a 3-way swoon!
Love the blog by the way - very cute!

DomestiGals said...

Hey Broke-Ass Bride! Thanks for visiting our blog and telling us about your 3-way swoon. DomestiGals love puppies!

We'd also love to add your blog to our blogroll. Thanks for joining our community!

The Awkward Type said...

Squeeze the nose! uh that is so cute!